Oil Spills and Selfish People

Nobody, rich or poor, young or old, liberal or conservative, can deny that oil spills are bad. Nobody can deny that they destroy ecosystems and screw up people’s lives. So why has it taken over a month (and counting) to clean this mess up?
Seems to me other people are going to be stuck cleaning up after BP. Its like in The Great Gatsby, when Nick says that Tom and Daisy break things and leave it to other people to clean up their messes.
If you were working at BP and had a job to do, wouldn’t you want it done right? You’d want to be paid, sure, because money will always be important for survival. But wouldn’t you take some pride in your work?
And would you not care about the animals that your oil spill kills? Or the people who are now out of a job for possibly years due to you? Or the fact that that area of the ocean is forever damaged? Or that the shellfish/fish market and tourism is drastically changed in that area of the country?
I hope you would, but I no longer believe that the top executives at BP ever did.

Take a little pride in your work and in the planet, BP.

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