I Love British Television

I am completely smitten by British television. Smited? No, that’s too much to do with God. It’s got to be smitten.

I recently discovered the IT Crowd, a great British comedy about techies. It’s streamable on netflix, so you can guess how I spent my time this past week rather than studying for finals…

Some faves:
MI-5, Rumpole, Smile’s People/Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The IT Crowd, Fawlty Towers.

Ohhhh Fawlty Towers. For those of you who haven’t ever seen or heard of that show, GO WATCH IT NOW. It has to be the most blatantly hilarious comedy show to ever air on television. John Cleese stars as a complete jerk of a hotel owner who has the most stereotypical naggy wife and stupid employees…its great fun. Boisterous, unadulterated fun.

And MI-5 is one of the best spy shows ever made, in my opinion. It’s like CSI on steroids. And it stars British men instead of the obnoxious American ones on CSI. And we all know that American girls like British boys. But seriously, each episode is clever, suspenseful, believeable (well, believeable enough for a television show…you can’t make it too believeable or its totally boring and pointless), and addicting.

So if you’re reading this (I hope SOMEONE is), go check out some British TV for a change. The humor is different, the accents are different…it’s time for a bit of change in your life, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “I Love British Television

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  1. I so want Moss from the IT Crowd to be a real person. He really is in the canon of great Brit comedy characters such as Cleese.

    PS Your blog is funny, euridite and well written. I hope your ‘finals’ are literature based – you have a writing talent.

    1. Moss is one of my favorite television characters of all time :) As is Basil Fawlty (John Cleese really is great, isn’t he??)
      Thank you so much, that really just made my day. As a matter of fact, I’m planning on majoring in literature at college.

  2. Heres to Moss-isms.

    There was a guy in town that wore a similar jacket to Mossy, except that the zip had broken. He used to ride around on an old moped using a bungee cord wrapped around his waist to keep his jacket closed. I thought that was such a cool look!

    I think he might have been a bit popular with the girls as well!

    Good luck with the scribing.

  3. Dad’s Army is also hilarious; the BBC still airs it and I don’t think there’s a Brit alive who doesn’t know the sentence: ‘Don’t tell him, Pike’

    That and ‘Âllo âllo’ about a French pub owner who hides British soldiers from the Germans during WO II

      1. By the way if you like the UK, you could watch Miss Potter and take the next plane to Man A’port. But don’t stay in London or the south, get on a train to the Lake District.. Buttermere, Keswick, Wasdale .. It’s not Alaska or the Alps, but when you start to like the British bitter, you know you’re sold. Fairy tales get written there;

        Don’t forget to pack a ‘bumbershoot’ though :) And unfortunately everybody does say ‘hiya’ up there; but they’re not all twits.

        1. :) I say hiya too hahaha but I ain’t no twit!
          I like that idea! I’d love to study abroad in England (and train travel always trumps all else).

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