Going Gaga

The first time I ever heard Lady Gaga was in a car at 2 in the morning driving home from the midnight premier of Bruno (which, incidentally, was the most horrifying movie I have ever been forced to view). I was grumpy. I was tired. Some crazy lady on the radio was yelling “Boys Boys Boys!” and talking about eggs. It was Gaga.
I can’t remember where I was when I heard Lady Gaga for the second time. I’m pretty sure I can credit my friend Cameron for turning me on to her. Where I was and what I was doing is completely irrelevant. I’m now completely hooked.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t go around talking about people’s disco sticks. I don’t dance in high heels and a thong. I listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary, for goodness sake. But I feel this empowerment when I listen to Lady Gaga’s songs that I can’t get many other places. I feel good to be a woman. I understand that other people hate guys sometimes too. I dance like mad to every single song (except, ironically, Just Dance, which was overplayed and I cannot stand hearing anymore). And I understand that its ok to be who I am, even if that’s a super crazy girl. I feel like I’m covered in sequins when I hear her songs. I think that’s just fine.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga explained that she felt like a freak in high school and that her purpose was to make her young fans feel like they could let their inner freaks out.

 High school is a really weird place. Everyone thinks they know the right way to live life when really nobody actually understands what life is. So when everyone else is telling you who to be and why, its good to have a symbol of why you can tell them to shut up. Lady Gaga is a talented woman who got her fame by being who she is.
And you’ve got to admit, her albums are great to listen to while putting on makeup.

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  1. Cappy! You’s got a blog? Wonderful, wonderful work. Anyways… speaking of Lady GayGay you REALLY should watch her interview on Oprah. It’s even more in depth than on Ellen. Ok, that’s a lie since I haven’t seen Ellen’s particular one, but the show is all about Gaga and her little monsters. Besides, Oprah’s interviews are always the best- it made me cry. Well not really since I have no heart, but if I did (like I suspect you do) then you will cry. I guarantee it.

  2. Thanks, Lakecia! Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. I will look up the Oprah one :) Thanks for reading!

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