Moths from the Moon

The luna moth has always been one of my favorite creatures, but I never knew much about it except that it was beautiful.

After reading neverbeengood’s blog “Ten Things I Love About Octopods”, I decided I wanted to know more about the moths that had always awed me. So here are Seven Snazzy Things About Luna Moths.

1. Females lay about 200 eggs on the bottom of leaves in small groups.

2. Males have bushier antennae than females.

3. Adult luna moths don’t eat; they don’t even have mouths. They live for about one week and live only to mate and lay eggs.

4. When luna moths first come out of their cuccoons, their wings are too small for them to fly. The wings first need to expand and dry.

5. Some people believe that the luna moth exists only on the moon and just sometimes visits earth. Hmm.

6. Luna moth caterpillars change skins five times as they grow.

7. The luna moth is a silk moth.

Click here to see a video of the luna moth’s life.


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