How to Make Any Twit Fall in Love With You (Part 3)

Step 7: Be subtle.
Say slightly flirtatious things like, “Hey boy. Let’s get it on,” and “Take me now!” Twits love it when they can’t tell if you’re interested or not; it makes the night more exciting. Don’t forget that twits are basically just big, stupid, bald cheetahs: they like a chase.

Step 8: Go naked.
Why hide what you got, girl? It’s a proven fact that if you flaunt it, twits will want it. And when twits can get it easily, they’re more likely to take it. Sure, they won’t be around in the morning, but what did you expect?

Step 9: Pout your lips.
To a twit, pouted lips = kissability. The more focused they are on said lips, the more likely they are to kiss them. Plus, when a twit is focusing on your lips, you know for sure that he isn’t checking anyone else out.
So, for all you mathletes out there:
He’s distracted by the pout + He can’t understand a thing you’re saying because your mouth is all scrunched up = He’s so confused, he ain’t goin’ nowhere.

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