I like to think this is him.

Right, I am not so diluted that I think I can actually obtain a man this perfectly WONDERFUL, but one can dream.

If anyone out there is this person, knows this person, is the father/sibling/cousin/great auntie of this person…let me know.

George (that will be his name) should:

Be Tall – I would rather not feel like I am towering over him at every moment or like I’ll crush him or something equally weird.

Be funny – I don’t want to tell a joke and have him think it isn’t funny. I WILL BE CONSIDERED FUNNY AT EVERY TURN.

Be half British-half Indian – That tends to make for a nice combo. Good accent, nice tan, usually a pretty nice nose. I can deal with that (see photo for reference).

Match my outfits – If I’m wearing a pretty dress, I don’t want my date/husband/man-servant to clash with me! That would be so embarassing.

Be able to reproduce any accent i desire at the moment – What is the point of having a manservant-uh, I mean boyfriend- who can’t speak to me in nice accents whenever I want? He’s British already, but what if I want Australian? Actually, I will never want Australian. But Southern might be nice sometimes. Or Spanish? Or Italian. Yeah, Italian might be nice. 

Have the wonderful ability to write poetry while simultaneously working out – I’m talking Fabio type action. Although, now that I think of it, Fabio was in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercials…

Or, you know, he could just be an alien. How’s that for foreign?

4 thoughts on “Perfection

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    1. I always thought Indian men didn’t have much body hair. Granted, I have never seen an Indian man’s naked body, so shows how much I research things I care about…

  1. Ha thank you much!
    I, like a creeper, just tried to find photos of this man without his shirt on (for scientific purposes) but couldn’t find any. Sad day.

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