The People Who Read This…

Just one of the many ways to access my blog.

…apparently get here by clicking really weird stuff.

Maybe their cat sits on their computer mouse or something. Or they have a really violent spasm and whack the keyboard super hard. I have gotten:

 A LOT of hits from people clicking this link: I don’t even know what that is. Sorry, all you people who are expecting a naughty video of the president.

A couple from fitness websites…yeah, I sit on my butt all day and write these blogs. No fitness there.

A surprisingly large amount from porn sites. I’m really creeped out.

60 gazillion (I wish) from various law offices offering representation for mesothelioma patients. I can’t cure your sickness (which I believe has something to do with your lungs), but I can make you laugh! …Is laughing good for people with lung problems? I don’t want to spark a spontaneous laugh attack that ends up killing you. MESOTHELIOMA PATIENTS, PLEASE DON’T READ MY BLOG! Oh no, now I’m making fun of you. I love you, I promise…

And then there are the words people type into google:

“Meaning of looksies, no feelsies.” Well. It’s pretty self explainatory, really. In fact, I don’t want to explain it because I’ll feel like a twit because it’s soooo obvious.

“Robert Pattinson.” Sorry, I don’t love him. Hopefully you were hoping to read something about how much he sucks.

“Hateable character.” That’d be Bella Swan. You’ve come to the right place.

“How to Make Any Twit Fall in Love With You (Part 5).” I was surprised how many people typed the exact name of a few of my blog posts into search engines At least I know someone out there is looking for my writing. Maybe.

And finally, the ever wonderful “” Yeah, that’d be my family. I don’t think they understand that you don’t have to google web addresses.

Anyway, I thought people loved me, but it turns out I only get hits on this site because of cats sneezing onto keyboards or some such nonsense. Boo :(

6 thoughts on “The People Who Read This…

Add yours

  1. Turns out that mesathelioma blogs are spreading the love around. I get them too. Weird.

    Also – I love your blog. You make me giggle at work and that makes me happy :)


  2. I get weird referrals as well, I once even wrote to WordPress about it. They said they’re trying to eliminate those as they’re technically spamming site.

    Okay and I love that you don’t like Twilight!!!! WOO HOO!

    I get weird Bill and Ted referrals because people google “bill and ted” and I have got two photos from the movie on my blog…strange stuff indeed.

  3. After studying these silly word associations, I’ve concluded they don’t help me one bit in tagging my blogs. I used a cruise ship as a pic on one blog post and it’s one of my biggest hits. Go figure.

    1. Ha exactly – I get people looking for stuff about Brad Pitt when I mentioned him in one sentence of a post. Although that makes a little more sense than just a photo… :)

    2. Yeah, out of curiosity, I checked my search engine terms again today.
      “Brad Pitt Thelma and Louise”
      “Brad Pitt Boy” (what?)
      “Thelma and Louise Cowboy”
      hmmmm, I’m sensing a pattern here.

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