Why I Will Always Love Julian Casablancas

For those of you who don’t know (why don’t you know? Why?), Julian Casablancas is the lead singer of The Strokes. They are great.

1. His voice is like…well, for lack of a better word, his voice is like sex. On the phone. Phone sex. Except way less creepy and dirty and wrong.
OKAY, his voice is just really great and makes me drool and stuff. GOSH.
Speaking of his voice, I always wondered why such a small man could have such a deep singing voice. Until I found out he isn’t small, he’s like 6’2″. Oops, sorry, Jules. Can I call you that? Jules?  

2. He wears red pants all the time. Well, not all the time and certainly (hopefully) they’re not always the same pair of red pants, but they’re red pants all the same and I admire that. I have a pair of red pants. SOULMATES! Am I right?

3. He writes amazing songs. His new (released in late 2009, but new to me since I just heard about it a week ago…) album, Phrazes for the Young, is really good. So good, in fact, that I can’t pick a favorite song from that album because I like them so much. But if I had to, it’d be River of Brakelights. Or maybe Out of the Blue. …I dunno.

4. The Strokes kept me sane my freshman year of high school. I probably would’ve gone completely crazy and went into self-destruct mode if they hadn’t been blasting through my stereo with their controlled chaos and lyrics that made me sing at the top of my lungs. I owe a lot of myself to them.

5. He guested with The Lonely Island, who by the way are hilarious, in the song Boombox. It makes me sing. It makes me dance. It makes me drool because Julian Casablancas (Jules. Umm, can I call you that?) is so COOL in the video. Be aware that the end of that video gets kinda creepy…it’s not for the faint of heart.

6. As stated above, he looks cool. He acts cool. He is cool. Have you seen the feather in his hair? Cool. The colored strips in his hair? Cool. (I do that sometimes too, Jules. Can I call you that?) Leather jacket! Cool! The afformentioned red pants, also cool. Sunglasses, cool. The way he moves when he sings. Cool. Overall facial appearance, cool.

…Cool, Jules. Can I call you that?

8 thoughts on “Why I Will Always Love Julian Casablancas

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  1. He’s great and I must admit to being rather biased about loving his name (Julian) as it’s the name of my main character (you’re the first one to be told that lol) however, the inspiration for the name came from an 80s rockstar called Julian Cope (I am not exactly young lol)

    My main character is a musician so you know, I like cool rock boys called Julian ;-)

    The Strokes and Julian are brilliant (plus he’s rather fetching I think) something about black leather and all that. A very cool looking bloke.

    1. Oh that’s so cool! I like that I’m the first to know…my main male character is Mack (short for Mackenzie) and you’re the 3rd to know it. Hahah. I like cool rock boys called Julian (or anything else for that matter…except Cockroach or something).

  2. Julian makes me go to sleep every night, as I close my eyes, JULIAN pops into my head… yuuuumyyy!!!! xxxxxxxxoooo Jules!!! I LOVE you…

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