Death By Black Hole

I think I accidentally drop my belongings inside a black hole. Or a garden gnome follows me around. Or maybe my dog ate it. Wait…I don’t have a dog. Whatever the case, I lost my sunglasses the other day and am pretty sure I’ll never find them again. And I really liked those sunglasses…they were lime green.

I am a messy person. I can deal with that. After a while I go crazy and realize that there is just too much clutter, so I go on a major multi-day cleaning spree until everything is tidy again. Then I feel like my life is beginning again and I get all zen until a month later when I just don’t feel like taking that extra step to put my socks in their proper drawer. So my room becomes the black hole again. I fondly call it the abyss, but nobody else finds it amusing. They’re probably too busy wading through every pair of pants I’ve ever owned to worry about being polite.

Basically, I am a five-year-old. I just want my mommy to pick up after me. Actually, she frequently does, and for that I am grateful, but I should probably start picking my underwear off the staircase. Especially when company comes.

Are you messy? You should be. People who are annoyingly tidy freak me out. Don’t you want your home to look like you live in it? Complete sterility makes me nauseous. Go for the tortured artist look; you know, the one that says “I spent five hours writing this short story about a woman who throws pots until she goes insane. It’s so deep. I don’t have time to be deep AND clean.” That’s what I try for. The sunken eyed look and heroin arms* probably help me in that department too, but I’m telling you, it’s the MESSINESS. The art cannot flourish in a sterile, completely white environment.

Remember, “One cannot paint upon a pure white marble slate. One must muss it up with dirt first.” – Me. Oh yeah. You know how I do.

Note: I don’t actually do heroin and I sincerely hope my eyes don’t look sunken. Why would you say that about me?

5 thoughts on “Death By Black Hole

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  1. I used to be a neat freak, then I learnt to relax and now, I never make my bed ha ha ha (saves me a lot of time and why bother when you’re going to sleep in it again?)

  2. lol…there is something to be said for clutter and thus attending to more important things in life. Everybody should loosen up a bit and experience life instead of always being ruled by shoulds. Shoulds capture enough of our attention. Nicely put.

    1. Agreed – I’m trying to loosen up and make my life more relaxed. I worry too much. I think a slightly messy room is a good start

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