The Decline of the Barney Empire

I watched a few minutes of Barney today on PBS and was severely disappointed. Barney is not a good television show anymore, and I am sure it’s not because my tastes have changed. My tastes have not changed – I still love Elmo, the Teletubbies, and Mr. Rogers. Yeah, at least I have the guts to admit to it, unlike all you closet-Teletubbies-watchers out there.

But Barney has really let me down. I remember singing along to rousing choruses of “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” (because his name is my name too) but am now forced to hear songs like “Shapes.” I’ll give you a little snippit:

Shapes, shapes, it’s easy my friend.
You can tell a shape by the shape it’s in.
Shapes, shapes, sing it again…

What does that even mean? It’s like they’re trying to tell me something…Of course shapes are shapes…I don’t understand. If I can’t understand, I don’t think a 5 year old can. Please don’t argue with me on that.

Barney and Riff sounding annoying together.

And Barney’s new voice is really annoying.  It always kinda was, but this guy needs to listen to himself a little, because it’s terrible. Or maybe it’s been the same guy since 1991 and he’s just gotten steadily more…and more…and more annoying. His new pally Riff (added to the show in 2006) is pretty obnoxious too. We all know that every dinosaur on the show is a human in a costume, right? But I think it should be noted that the actual voice of each dinosaur is the voice of a completely separate actor. So these people are selected specifically for their voices. I think the Barney people need to get their ears cleaned out before auditions or something.

While I’m on a roll bashing television shows for small children (oops), I should probably add that Barney’s reputation was ruined by the rumors (I call them rumors because I don’t think they could possibly be true) that the old Barney actor used to hide heroin needles in his tail.

But then again, I got that information as a child from another child who thought that Kokanee beer was actually cocaine.

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      1. I know, right? Why don’t you tell my little sisters that Santa isn’t real while you’re at it.

          1. They are ALL real. As is that leprichaun thing that everyone talks about on Saint Patrick’s day.

    1. Ha! Your little rant is awesome! Barney lost me when I was forced to watch him while babysitting many years ago and they did the “Where is thumbkin song” and they would wave the corresponding finger around. Yes, they flipped off an entire audience. Ha!

      1. no they didn’t flip the entire audience off considering figures have to be folded in a circle when you flip somebody(anybody) off, just saying, and i still like that show, and i’ll admit it that i would still watch barney if it was still on the air but i downloaded what is on youtube onto my desktop and and about the thumbkin song the song starts of with thumbkin, then pointer, then tall man(which is the middle finger by the way), then ring man, then pinky. but while they were doing tall man the other fingers are stretched forward not folded up in a circle and yes in order to flip someone off they have to be folded in a circle and it has to be the middle finger, not the ring finger or any other finger on the hand just saying. and when i was little i never thought that they flipped anybody off, and if you talking about the ring finger that’s not flipping anybody off just saying.

  1. Barney has always been atrocious! My three year old listens to it now with her Dad for the songs, but it drives me crazy. I prefer Blues Clues, even with the new Creepy Puppet Blue, to the inane atrocity of Barney.

  2. Aww you touched a nerve! Ha Ha … I loved the Teletubbies but like every kid made fun of Barney but secretly watched it. Now my kids LOVE Barney. And its not the new version but the old version that still comes out occasionally on Sprout or PBS. I agree with you on Barney’s new voice. Is someone squeezing his balls? Do Dinosaurs have balls? Hmmm, Anyways! Also even in the old episodes some of the kids were annoying. Do you remember Tina? Talk about over acting. I like the cool Michael. He could act but he wasn’t all over the place. Now the kids don’t have much of a personality. Though I did like Selena Gomez’s acting in it. She was so cute. Riff is way cooler then BJ. BJ is trying to be so boyish. I think he’ll be coming out the closet soon. Ugh, and someone please get a cork and put it in Baby Bops mouth.

  3. Oh contraire. Now you know what it’s like to have your innocence taken.

    Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to word that. My bad.

  4. Ugh, Barney, sorry, I never got on that train. Mr. Rogers is awesome, and Teletubbies are just not… my thing. Now, there may be someone in the Barney costumes but Teletubbies were genetically engineered and bred to be annoying and for their multi-colored diversity, for sure.

    1. Oh noooo, way to diss on my fave show! I still have my Po doll…it goes “eh oh, po! eh oh! heeheeheeheehee!” which I will admit, totally creeps me out. But I love it anyway. Because I will always remain faithful to the Teletubbies

  5. Never understod the appeal of Barney, even though I could appreciate the various messages ‘Use your inside voice’ etc etc. I always ( and by ‘always’ I mean in the last ten years when the presence of Tiny Weasels in the house forced me to be a Barney viewer too) found his voice to be syrupy and irritating.
    I suffered Teletubbies reluctantly, though I can appreciate the intellectual reasoning behind the show’s development, but found it hard to put up with “Balamory” (A UK kids’ show you may not have seen). On the plus side there’s the Hoobs, who I reckon were under appreciated. Or maybe it was because they were the only thing on at 5am when my second Weasel needed her first feed each day (We didn’t have cable…Oh, the privation!)

    Congrats on the front page!

    1. oh my gosh! i used to have to go to my grandmas at 5:30 because my mu had to work early in the mornigns o iw ould sit all wrapped up in a duvet and watch the hoobs! they were fantastic! hooble doodle doo! x

      1. I say most likely definitely rumors because I “heard” the opposite. Barney was a molester. This is the first ive heard of the hiding needles in his tail and unfortunately ive been “on the barney train” literally 16 yrs starting with my now 20 yr old brother continuing with my 3 1/2 yo daughter. I can say i agree with everything in the post and would like to add more annoyance towards Bjs voice. I just cringe with how he goes overboard with every other word he sings. Theres a better word for what i mean but cant think of it at the moment with Barney playing in the background. LOL I have to be honest and say i “was” extremely anti-barney until my daughter caught it on PBS Kids and had to have every dvd out there to watch it 24/7. Im afraid to admit that along with my being a stay@home mom and working on fun ways to LEARN that barney has added so much knowledge to her tiny brain, her preschool teacher actually asked what they were supposed to teach her besides structure since she already knows everything preschool teaches. So i guess the annoyance that the show has is attractive for some kids and with some positive outcome. One more thing i have to add to my book is almost every kid thats gets a part in barney aggravates me beyond what words can explain. My all time favorite annoyance would be the little boy in adventure bus with brown hair and hiked up pants that plays king in one of the adventures. I just cant stand how “fake” his “acting” is. Makes me wonder how any of them get to be on Barney in the first place. Do they have to audition or are they just randomly picked off the street. Im hoping its random otherwise casting needs serious training or replacing. Sorry this is long and nearly 3 yrs to late but this was the 1st page to pop up when i googled why Bjs voice is so annoying

  6. In case you were interested, I’m pretty sure the Colorado Rockies mascot is Baby Bop, Barney’s old sidekick. It’s weird. Good post.

    1. Reading Rainbow was awesome. And it was made even more awesome when I realized the Reading Rainbow man was also on Star Trek: The Next Generation!

  7. I am proud that I have never seen an episode of Barney for he creeps me out; always has, always will. As for the Teletubbies, they creep me out as well – but in a much better way. Noo-Noo should be given a spin off show immediately!

  8. oh goodness!

    I grew up on Barney!!! I loved that show! It’s so sad its really gone to crap! I mean where did CJ go?? He was my favorite! This new Orange terd dino is already on my bad list!

    Why change a tv show that’s been around for so long?! I mean if it aint broke, dont fix it…or you’ll F it up like Barney and Friends! hahha

  9. Oh wow! You got Freshly Pressed :) Congrats!

    Also, Barney and Teletubbies and the like freak me out. Also, they make me feel really, really OLD. I didn’t have Teletubbies as a kid…I rocked ’80s ‘toons like Super Ted and Danger Mouse and Raggy Dolls. They were about a trillion million times better than Teletubbies. Trillion million.

    Also, we had Roger Ramjet. And that was the ’60s, right? Maybe Australia was just backwards…

    1. Thanks! I’m absolutely thrilled to be Freshly Pressed – as a celebration I’m cooking cooking cooking and watching Julie and Julia because it makes me feel like I’m Julie Powell and will become famous for my blog, hahaha
      Yeah there were some really good shows before my time. I haven’t heard of most of them, but Danger Mouse sounds familiar…

      1. Dangermouse is one of the greatest cartoons ever! It’s up alongside Bananaman, Count Duckula, Superted and ‘Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds’. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing out on.

        1. Superted….(Shudder) I thought I’d repressed those memories for ever. But I still think of Dangermouse almost weekly. Either because of “The Custard Mite of Glut” or the brilliant episode where the typists went on strike and the final line was “Tune in naxt wek, for the neck extracting episod of…Dnagermoot! Oh, good grief!”

          I see my Tiny Weasels watching “Pokemon” cartoons and sigh.

  10. I absolutely LOVE* this and I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I was a Barney ADDICT growing up and I caught some of the show the other day and was EXTREMELY disappointed. Even the kids who act are terrible! I don’t get what they were thinking! But great post! Enjoyable read.

  11. HOW ABOUT THE YELLOW SAFETY DINOSAUR???? don’t you remember him? child rape prevention? xD its true, i swear, theres even a song saying don’t touch my private parts…o.o

    1. I loved the Muppets; it was Muppets or no dice for me as a kid.

      But of course, I personally modeled my life after the Cookie Monster because, sadly, I was never tall enough to be Big Bird :-/

      1. I STILL love the Muppets. I was definitely tall enough to be Big Bird, but preferred the tiny Elmo…maybe something about a subconscious desire to not tower over everyone else

  12. When I was little I never liked Barney. It was too weird. Maybe the big purple dinosaur with the really annoying voice scared me. I don’t know. But I do know that Elmo and the Teletubbies and Mr. Rogers are “sweet” shows, while Barney is just another one of those, um, annoying little “learning” shows for tots. Eh. I guess I just never liked big purple talking dinosaurs, that’s all. Oh, yeah, and Riff??? What a homely little friend Barney’s got.

  13. Fact: I started singing john jacob jingle heimer schmidt (or how ever you spell it) around a 8 year old the other day. He looked at me like I was nuts, I was like, ‘ you know…… Barney?’ NO *smacks desk* HE DIDNT KNOW! he also didnt know ‘standing out side with my mouth open wide’ and ‘ hole in the bottom of the sea’ and apparently the Barney bag is a foreign concept now. My sister and i used to have our OWN barney bag.

    *tear* I’m feeling your pain

    1. Ah, I know! I get random Barney songs stuck in my head and then feel really stupid because as a matter of principle I should hate Barney but…I don’t.
      But I don’t know how little kids get by without him. Even though he’s pretty annoying. They should just watch the old shows, not the new ones.

  14. I am SO glad my kids never got into Barney. I hated him. I refused to have some purple dinosaur talk to my child like a goof ball. Whenever he appeared on the tv screen, my kids couldn’t scramble fast enough for the remote to change the channel.

  15. I haven’t like it since Barney’s voice changed. The choice in kid actors leaves a lot to be desired but Baby Bop is still her annoying self. Great post, wish I had thought of it.

  16. I remember watching Barney back in the day. I haven’t watched it in years, I handn’t realized it has changed this much. I loved your post!

  17. Congrats Cappy!!!! I am so thrilled for you! And this post is classic. You deserve it! And also, kokanee beer isn’t cocaine??!!!

    1. Thanks! The first thing I thought of was “Oh I can’t wait until my GirlOnTheContrary finds out cuz we’re twins now” haha :)
      Well I think Kokanee beer is made from cocaine, but I could be wrong…

  18. i agree i never was a super barney fan, but i watched it recently and it has gone down hill. new characters did not really add anything to the show. still sucks

  19. Thanks for the post. It reminded me to look for video of the Barney Bashing event we did back when I was in college (1993). I had forgotten all about it. My kids were into the Wiggles more than Barney but I’ll forever be a fan of Sesame Street.

  20. I was never a big fan of Barney in the first place. Not to be bashing on thoes who loved him when they were kids, but he always scared me. I was a dedicated Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street. I don’t think I knew Barney exsisted until 5-6 years after my birth. Anyways, in my opinion , brightly colored dinos are a bit obnoxious in the first place. I like to stick to my talking mosters and talking condiments.


  21. LMAO!!

    “I Hate You. You Hate Me…Let’s all go and Kill Barney…”

    Talk about a TRIP!!

    I liked TeleTubbies, except for Tinky Winky. He was just CREEPY with that deep voice and the PURSE =oS

    Barney had good songs, my fave…

    “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?
    Oh what a rain that would be.
    Standing outside with my mouth open wide.

    I have a confession…I LOVED Steve! Joey, he’s alright, but the Original Blue’s Clues with Steve…DREAMY!!!

    Great, now I’m going to spend all night singing Kids Songs…

    LOL! Thanks for the Trip!

  22. Great post! I will say I never loved Barney, other than he kept my two kiddles occupied…which reminds me I have a pic of them somewhere sitting in toybaskets, watching Barney on TV…aah, they would be mortified to see it…I must find it! haha…

  23. Aww man! I used to LOVE Barney!! I always wanted to be one of the kids that hung out with him. I loved singing along and pretending I was on adventures with them. Alright, enough with the trip down memory lane. I didn’t even know Barney was still on the air o.O … Oh well, some of these shows should really learn to quit while they’re ahead or else this is the result. *sigh … you’re not alone in your disappointment.

  24. I actually ended up watching it recently as well. Riff is super obnoxious.


    1. That’s a pretty good immitation. Apparently he’s called Riff because he loves music. But I don’t like the music he likes. He has CRAP taste in music. Just sayin.

  25. I heard the old barney swore on camera and the guy was fired.

    I stopped caring for barney (and watching the show) since the first grade and going on so I really am not concerned. (though I do still enjoy watching Digimon Seasons 1 & 2 and power rangers [the old school origional first 3 seasons or so]).

    But I do agree with you on 1 point, that people do seem to find every way to destroy good long running shows:

    Power rangers- when they started switching actors starting in season 2

    Digimon starting season 2 newer characters. Starting season 3, completely different directions, actors, characters, etc.

    Origional law and order: became too political and many actors/actress changes

    L&O: SVU: too benson/stabler oriented and running around

    L&O: CI: Alternate pairs featured every week

    L&O: TBJ and Conviction: preemptive cancellations for both

    Charmed: Bad writing and huge disappointing storylines season 6 and onward with some inconsistancies.

    So many shows are going (or have gone) down the drain just because of younger audiences, ratings, and cut backs as well as other BS reasons.

  26. This is just me throwing my random advice out there, but perhaps it’s time to find a new Barney. Personally I’ve come to find Barney Stinson quite hilarious… as well as utterly disgusting and perverted – so not far from the rumored Barney the Dinosaur, right?

    But seriously, Neil Patrick Harris from “How I Met Your Mother” gives the name “Barney” a different look.

    P.S. You’re still watching children’s shows? I mean, I’m not judging because every bit of me would love to start watching Rugrats again, but I totally thought that show was dead long ago?

    1. Hahaha well I watch the news on PBS at night, so the TV stays on PBS in the morning when I turn the TV on and…there’s Barney. Or Sesame Street. And I just get really excited.
      Neil Patrick Harris makes me really excited…too bad he’s gay.

      1. Lol, yeah, but he’s still a very talented actor. He’s got a ridiculously good voice, too. I imagine it must have been pretty devastating for the ladies in the world when he came out with it, lol.

        Oh and btw, congrats on making Freshly Pressed!

        1. He’s absolutely wonderful…I loved him on Glee. Yes, it was probably quite hard for most of the women of the world, but every straight girl has to have a crush on at least one gay guy. I loved Lance Bass when I was younger and look how that turned out.

  27. I love you
    You love me
    We’re one happy
    With a great big hug
    And a kiss from me to you


    Or something like that.
    Do we even have the new Barney in Australia yet?
    Thanks for the heads-up. Will have to check it out.

    You sound as disappointed as I was when I watched “The Dark Crystal” as an adult. That laughing vulture creature … ARGH!

    1. Well I was disappointed until, hello, a million people read my post about Barney and started typing out the lyrics to various songs from the Barney show. So no, no more disappointment, as this has made my life :)

  28. I feel sorry for the old Barney actor in the costume… All day acting chipper and happy, singing “I love you, you love me…. ” at the end of each episode… I wonder if he started to have nightmares with that song :D :D

  29. Ugh. I agree. I’ve been a little irritated since the days of Baby Bop, myself. You can tell a shape by the shape that its in? Reallly? How is that helpful?

    I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying that orange thing looks.

  30. I used to love Barney, and even had a Barney doll. I really loved all the songs I learned from the show. It’s sad to hear that the writers for Barney have stopped making an effort to educate children and have stooped to creating time-filler songs like Shapes. I mean, seriously? How did that even get approved to air?

  31. When was Barney ever good kids tv..
    What did it teach kids?
    There are hundreds of other kids programs that teach and entertain..
    My youngest was a noggin watcher…we sat together on the website as well which had tons of learning games tied into the shows that she enjoyed watching…
    On top of the website we also did good old flash cards
    reading books..
    The tubbies scared the hell out of me, That show is like one big acid trip..

  32. Sometimes when a show runs for far too long, producers run out of ideas for content. This is where people start copying ideas from other shows to adapt to theirs, usually ending up in a disaster.

    1. True that “My college”. Definitely Law and Order the original was like that and Charmed Season 6 and onward were like that (to name a couple of my old TV shows that are not aired anymore). Everything with TV now a a days and with long running TV shows that its not about quality or content, but just money, ratings and doing some much to do so little.

  33. I’ve endured endless hours of the Wiggles, the Carebears, even the Teletubbies, but no way, no how would we watch Barney. You have to draw the line somewhere and I suppose a mutant purple dino with a heroin addiction is a good place to start.

  34. i loved this cause its so true. i loved watching barney as a kid. i was jealous of that amazing supply bag, that seemed to have everything i could possibly dream of making a mess with :D but its become a horrible show :/ i can’t stand his VOICE :P

  35. You might rethink your love for Sesame Street when you watch one of the new shows…. they CHANGED the song!!!! WTF?!

    It’s the same exact song but the kids sing it all out of tune. They also do these fancy stretching of the syllables that sound just awful. Why can’t they leave the song along? Also, the opening intro has been replayed with crayons drawings and such, not a big a deal as the song.

    This is even worse than the remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or TMNT as it’s called now… some PR guy got it into his head that acronyms are just oh-so-cool.

  36. Congratulations on making “Freshly Pressed”. I never was a fan of Barney, my kid’s never got into it either. They were into “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” Sesame Street and Animaniacs. I think we were stationed in Japan during the formidable Barney years. Just a note, I saw a DVD of old Sesame Street clips that had a disclaimer that some of the material may be inappropriate for children. My how times have changed. I will always be a fan of Ernie singing “Tap Myself to Sleep”, my 17 year old was horrified to hear me singing it the other night.

  37. I know I loved and watched Barney as a young child, but I grew up thinking that I hated Barney for some reason. Probably because the Barney I watched was drastically different from.. well… THIS. XD And I probably connected the two as the same show.

    Honestly Riff creeps the hell out of me.

  38. Did that same kid tell you that if guys drink mountain dew that they wouldn’t be able to have children?

    Funny what people believe. This blog post was very entertaining.

    1. I know, as children we misunderstand so much, but it’s always funny to think about later.
      I don’t understand that Mountain Dew thing, tho….

      1. I agree! Sometimes I just think of something now from my childhood and something just clicks and I’m like “so that is what that ment”. haha

  39. I completely agree about his voice. I turned passed it this morning, and thought, “Hey, I used to like barney! I still like Spongebob, so maybe I can watch this!” Nope. His voice is too…weird. Like he has a nasal infection or something. It’s just not the same anymore. Kid cartoons just aren’t what they used to be. The Scooby Doo drawers make them look funny now, and all the shows are just too random. They aren’t simple anymore, like Tom and Jerry. Still love Tom and Jerry.

    1. Agreed. Tom and Jerry are still awesome…I dont think they’ve made any new ones for a long time, which is probably why I still like them.

  40. Oh I completely agree with you! Barney used to be my favorite show (after Mr. Rogers) as a child but I can’t seem to see how it really teaches children much of anything anymore. The whole point of watching it was the fun, and now it’s just stupid. The new characters (including some of the kids) do nothing but annoy me and you are totally right, all the voices make you want to puncture your own ear drums just to not listen to them anymore.

  41. i used to enjoy watching barney with my younger sister… but i guess that just changed. both of us don’t like barney anymore..

    @cappy: oh yeah! i prefer tom and jerry! my profile picture in my facebook account is JERRY… and he’s really cute! and smart!

  42. well ya the same thing happens when you eat the candy you used 2 eat as a kid, or do the things you used 2 do as a child !
    it’s all changing i guess..i mean you are changing..the company CEO’s are changing through out the years..the Barny people are changing too should also keep in mind that the whole new generation that’s watching Barny is totally different than ours maybe they like it ..or maybe they like making fun of it ..this new generations is surprisingly sarcastic in an early age!
    i totally agree with what u said .. nicely put ;)

  43. It’s one of those “If eht ain’t broke dohn’t fix eet.” things. I loved watching Barney as a kid, nothing should ever be changed about that show. In fact, they should just quit with any new episodes period.

    1. I think a million re-runs would be appropriate. Just cancel the new one and start at the beginning of the old stuff.

  44. Never liked Barney and never had cause to watch him but since I previously admitted it on my blog, I can tell you I still watch Sesame Street. Barney has helped tons of children so he still deserves his props!

  45. Hahaha. This one made me laugh. :)) though I think that the “rumor” could possibly be true. Having to play a role such as that might actually require one to be in a state of high. Hahahaha.

  46. I’m a Yo Gabba Gabba fan myself and my daughter is into Phineas and Ferb. I’m thankful that Barney is not in the equation for us.

    Until I read this blog, I didn’t even know Barney was still on the air and thanks for that heroin rumor… I never knew that one. I might mention it on stage tonight, thanks!

  47. LoL…the rumor I heard that ruined his reputation was that Barney got angry and beat someone up. I agree it’s a pretty lame show, but Sesame Street never gets old!! :) Love it!

  48. Man this show is still on??? I know there are some famous actors/actresses that got their start on Barney.

    At least Barney gave us this:

  49. I wasn’t even aware Barney was still going! I can still recite “So we’re looking in our barney bag” song!

    Thank goodness it doesn’t still air in NZ.

    1. Mr. Rogers can’t be topped. Ever. He made you feel so good about yourself and like he was talking to you, and…I really need to go watch some Mr. Rogers now.
      And thank you for reading!

  50. As both a closet Teletubby fanatic and a Barney the Dinosaur devotee, I was devastated to learn of Barney’s heroin addiction and recent change in vocal abilities. Perhaps the shape of the day will be a crack rock and Barney will OD on live television, creating quite the “teachable moment” for young children across America. Just say no Barney….just say no.
    Great Post.

  51. Fun stuff and congrats on Freshly Pressed. We avoided Barneyitis with our first two boys, but Three-Year Old Girl has a pretty severe case of it. Actually, it’s good stuff for a kid, and there are far more disturbing kids’ shows that air. The real annoyance with any of these programs comes when the same episode is playing for the one thousandth time. It’s like water dripping: just sort of always there in the background, and you can’t get your mind to block it out.

    I wrote about Smurfs on my blog yesterday. Remember them? How about Snorkels?

  52. Excellent post! I used to be the biggest Barney fan everrrr (I cried my heart out one time when I could not get into the TV with him) but I definitely agree with you and your post, the Barney Empire has definitely declined!
    Awesome insights :)

  53. My daughter used to love the show and still wont let me throw the video’s away.

    Sesame Streets The Cookie Monster was always my fav

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  55. My oldest son watched Barney during the toddler years and loved it, but my youngest son (now 8) would have nothing to do with Barney. Even as a toddler, he said, “Barney is for babies.”

    I think he is right. Barney is for babies attracted to the bright colors and happy action scenes. However, as babies grow to toddlers they look for content and color. Barney no longer offers content.

  56. I don’t know, I don’t think Barney was ever really good. Although I can believe that it got even worse…

  57. How can you go hating a giant smilin’ purple dinosaur. Spread the love, people. Spread the love…..

    After all,
    I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.
    So here’s a great big hug & a kiss from me to you!

    ….hatin’ on a dinosaur, for shame!

  58. Teletubbies … brrr. They really creep me out,I don`t even know why. They are just so..frightening. I used to really like them when I was little,but than I grew up and understood that there is just something wrong about them. They talk weird,do disjointed things and they are agitated all the time. Like a drug-addicts imagination. I think it`s really a brainwashing show.

  59. Funniest thing I’ve read in awhile! I remember watching that show with my younger sister back when I was 8 and then I started watching it again more recently at a nanny job and it’s true! It sucks now! You really have to check out the show Chuggington though, it has the most annoying theme song that gets stuck in your head for days on end, but it’s pretty cute. And I’m still willing to admit that I enjoy many shows geared towards children.

    1. I even still watch a show geared towards children sometimes. I mean think about it, where can we go wrong. At least it gives an illusion that everything will work out fine and have that “happily ever after” (or close to there) ending.

  60. Thank you for this post! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Even though I haven’t watched Barney in years, it still makes me sad to hear it’s going down the drain; it seems like lots of my former favorites are.
    I didn’t hear the thing about the heroin needles, but I did hear he kept vodka in his tail. It seems to me that these may have been fabricated…

  61. To put it bluntly and succinctly, Barney has ALWAYS sucked.
    All of your criticisms of Barney have ALWAYS been valid about that show.
    His laugh has always been so annoying that “extremely” doesn’t even describe how annoying it always was.
    Completely fake. The whole character of Barney was completely contrived.
    People feeling betrayed by Barney are equivalent to people who completely trusted their children to the care of clearly flamer priests, and then found themselves shocked to find that abuse was taking place behind the altar.

    People are so obsessed these days with paranoia about alleged pedophiles, and yet they encourage their kids to watch Barney. If ever there was something that made my skin crawl with the idea of “child molester”, it is Barney.
    If ever there was something that reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf, it is Barney’s mouth. I can’t look at Barney without the words “All the better to eat you with!” coming into my head.

    And that fake chuckle, and that fake lovey-dovey hugging and “I love you, you love me”. It was just always revoltingly fake.

    Somehow, cappy, you were simply young enough not to have been aware of this when you were a kid.
    But although I wouldn’t doubt Barney may have actually gotten worse (almost an achievement in itself), it has always been a horrible horrible show.
    And I wouldn’t be too surprised if much of this current preoccupation our society has with fretting about pedophiles has its roots in subconscious reaction to childhood exposure to this no-horned-two-eyed-giant-purple-people-eater.

  62. Television shows in general have really gone down hill when it comes to kids. I feel like they have all lost the grasp of education. I honestly think they make shows just to entertain kids and aren’t concerned when it comes to actually making the 30 minutes a bit educational. I watched the show Dora the Explorer the other day with my nephew. I was cringing inside. Barney is definitely a show they need to stop working on. All it is doing is ruining the great memories we all had from it.

  63. I loved Barney, and from an adult looking at my childhood at those delicious vintage episodes with good chorreography and songs, I am disappointed! Kick it with Disney…the acting is still horrible but the music is delightful!

  64. of course the stupid purple dinosaur is moronic, but has anyone EVER freacking watched the MARVELOUS MISADVENTURES OF FLAP – OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH -JACK? Now, That’s art for kids. OK I’m 60 – that makes me even more of an authority on good kids stuff since I’ve seen a hell of a lot of it.

    1. absolutely fantastic, thank you very much!
      and please refrain from any suidical/homicidal activity! :)

  65. The same thing happened when I went to Animal Planet! There was this new couple trying to be Crocodile Hunter but doing it HORRIBLY.

    maybe that wasn’t the same thing, but still, I miss the “good old days” of good barney and Steve Irwin. Frick I sound old

  66. Loved the post. All my children have grown up on Barney, but we have the tapes/dvds of the older seasons with Michael and Derek. Carlos and Tasha had to be my favorite kids.

    Baby Bop was a bad idea from the start. When she first came out she was really annoying. She did this dance that borded on risque, and don’t get me started on the way she talks… It is an educational show with a dinosaur that uses bad grammar!

    I never heard the rumors about the heroine…just that Barney was a child molester.

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

  67. This from when Barney first started out on TV.

    I still remember finding a t-shirt that said:
    “No More Purple Dinosaurs!”

    It had a drawing of Barney with the red circle and slash (the one for traffic signs telling you can’t do something) over him. On the back, you saw his backside with the same symbol plus a target bullseye drawn over his tail.

    Gave me plenty of ideas of what to do to the television when the niece was over and watched him…:) :) :)

  68. Yes, Barney has gotten progressively worse over the years, despite the fact that the show never was decent to begin with. Riff has a voice of a seven-year old with throat cancer. It’s atrocious. What ever happened to the easy-going, simple shows like The Friendly Giant? Everything is blasting out at kids with too much colour, too much visual stimulation and too much information being thwarted at them at once, it’s no wonder kids are becoming Ritalin junkies.

  69. Good post and I certainly agree with you. I love Barney and I still do. Songs like ‘You are special’, ‘Sisters Song’, ‘Friendship song’ stick in my head all day long. Barney had introduced me to Spanish ( a language which I now adore), moral values (like how important friends are) and the nice songs, lol.

    Barney now is… weird. From the voice to the kids and the songs to the acting, it had gone really bad. When you look at the kids acting in Barney (now) they don’t look like they are doing what they’re doing.

    I really hope that they would air the ‘old’ Barney back. I would be the first to watch.

  70. I bought a Barney Collection DVD for my daughter. The Barney shows in the DVD range from the new episodes to the really old ones. The kids were growing up right before my eyes, episode after episode — it was very entertaining to watch!

    I agree, the old Barney shows are a lot better than the new ones. Though, I must admit, even the new Barney songs are pretty catchy. It’s no wonder I could sing along to any of their songs, old or new!

  71. I thought I was the only one who used to sing along to “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” — good times.
    I also loved the “I love to eat apples and bananas” song whereupon the song would repeat the chorus changing the vowels each time: “I love to eat opples and bononos”, and so on and so forth. I was 12 at the time. It was a “slow” summer and I was stuck inside the house. It was either Barney or soap operas. I think I chose the road less corrupted (unless we take into consideration the heroin needles.)

    Thanks for the flashback and the laugh :-)

  72. Just stumbled on this while Googling around. I haven’t watched the newer ones (I stopped watching right before Selena and Demi were on it), but I used to watch the old ones (seasons 1-6) all the time (over 250 times a year probably… keep in mind that there are only 261 weekdays in the average year). Even 5 years after I stopped watching it (I stopped at age 7 I think), I picked the colors purple and green over all others for school supplies. I didn’t know why at the time, but a recent spark of memory has revealed the likely reason. For those who say the show messes up kids’ brains, I have one thing to say: Last year I got the top scores possible on both the SAT and ACT. TAKE THAT HATUHZ!

  73. I must say, I totally agree with you. Riff sucks, Barney’s new voice sucks, the park sucks, and where the hell are Stella, Scooter, Miss Etta Kette, and the Barney Bag?!
    By the way, Barney changed almost immediately after HiT Entertainment bought it off Lyrick Studios in 2001.
    I really miss the old Barney days. When I get kids, i’ll only show them seasons 1-6 and the home videos in between. I still have some in my house.
    I also liked Teletubbies when I was younger…
    It just so seems that HiT ruins everything that gets into their hands, including Barney and Thomas & Friends.
    This thing is so good, you should send it to HiT Entertainment yourself (but more polite). Then you can gather people to boycott HiT until they decide to make Barney normal again. Now THAT’s a good idea.
    *Teletubbies is.getting back on air pretty soon.

  74. I agree with yall that the new barney from 2004 and above was terrible but what about the 1st season of barney and friends and what about barney and the backyard gang home videos, because remember we didn’t know about bad stuff until recently that made tv series about the bad stuff, csi, law and orders those series began in the late 1990s or early 2000s , and yes kids should learn that stuff but only if they pass a mental maturity test(mind age) and will be able to cope with the stress of the real world, and tv shows are for entertaining not learning, well, some are some aren’t barney and friends is meant to be half entertaining and half-learning the simple things in life not worry about dealing with the stresses of everyday life, if you want to do that, let your kids watch adult shows(especially R rated shows,any rathing except XXX-rated shows) just saying or get a religious tv satellite that doesn’t have anything else except religious shows on like glorystar tv and other similar satellites like that. yes new generations have to cope with more stresses than the previous generations that i get, but denial is better than killing yourself, well, technically any other thing is better than killing yourself, so what if barney was a 2dimensional world and the person in the barney suit didn’t rape or molest anyone, how do i know this is because would their arrest and trial be allover the news like oj simpson’s murder case was, and would there be arrest records that the public could look up on the people and 2nd of all no entertainment would be stupid to let a rapist or molester star in their show. 3rd. was there a raping or statutory rape laws back in the 1400’s, 1500s, 1600’s 1700’s 1800’s, or early 1900’s, the answer there is no. and do some genealogy search, what was the age differences of you 5th-20th great-grandfathers and grandmothers, and some were 20 yrs of difference if you don’t believe do research on your own family tree, using to create the tree online (and a world family tree if you don’t want join the world tree just keep within 3 great grandparents. only and depending on your age in order to find records of your family on; for kids born in 2000 above know the names, birthplace,deathplace, deathyear, birthyear of your grandparents’s parents’ parents’ and for people because the records on that website don’t go above 1940 or find out who are parents, grandparents, great grandparents and maybe even 2 or 3rd great grandparents before you start your family tree on and if any of the generation are born before 1940, still have to know that child’s parent’s names as well as the birth year, deathyear, birthplace, and deathplace. anyways. and also use to find census records or genealogical records.

  75. I HATE Riff!!!!! I could tolerate Barney’s new voice sounding like he had a permanent cold, but Riff needs his vocal cords ripped out and stomped on by soccer cleats. I won’t let my kids watch anything with that orange horror

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