Seduction So Dangerous

I was flipping through the channels the other day at lunch and came across an ad for Degrassi: The Boiling Point.  Many of you probably know of Degrassi (apparently it was popular in the early 90’s) or, if you’re older than that, The Kids of Degrassi Street which aired in the 80’s. Stay with me here, because there has also been a long running series called Degrassi: The Next Generation, which has been running since the early 2000’s. These shows are all apparently related, each subsequent series following a new generation of Canadians in the fictional world of Degrassi Middle School/High School, etc.

I have no clue why this show is still on the air.

The Next Generation, with a name uncomfortably close to that of the good Star Treks, addressed the teenage issues of homosexuality, eating disorders, dating violence, teen pregnancy, and mental disorders, along with a host of other problems. But it seems so unrealistic to pile it all into one television show, especially since so many of the conflicts occurred in the same episodes. The characters lived through some of the most traumatic ordeals I’ve ever come across, whether they be on television, in books or in real life. The point is, it seems as if the writers of this show have gone through just about every problem a child could face in their entire lifetime, not just in the 4 year span of high school. It’s become an extreme exaggeration of real life, and it’s getting pretty heavy.

The show has recycled the same themes for the past 8 or so years, and it’s time it finally ended. Especially since none of the old characters are still on the show and all the new ones creep me out. And look 12. And still make out and send each other dirty photos. I don’t remember doing that at that age…

The trailer for this new 8 episode series, Degrassi: The Boiling Point, shows exactly how weird it’s gotten when the announcer

Learn from this, Degrassi. But you might want to switch out your cast of small children first.

describes the show as containing “seduction so dangerous” that…well, apparently someone might be shot, there will be a war between the gays and straights of the school, or the chick who got pregnant by the ADD-riddled boy (who is apparently popular but looks tremendously awkward) might have a total meltdown. While these issues could be serious in real life, I am totally unsympathetic toward the characters. And I think a lot of it has to do with the “seduction so dangerous” line. It creeped me out.

When is seduction ever that dangerous? my friend asked.

When it runs around wielding a knife.

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  1. I think most TV shows that last for more than 4 seasons just repeat.

    The same things happen, only to different characters.

    Congrats making the front page, by the way! You must be pretty proud of yourself :)

    1. This show has lasted for about 9 million years (yeah, I know…sooo long) and it’s time for it to stop. Frankly, I’m getting sick of seeing the previews for it.
      Thanks so much for reading me before I got “famous” (ha, yeah right). I’m pretty excited. I also think it’s hilarious that my most popular post is about Barney – it’s fun to get so many comments from bloggers giving their input on the big dinosaur.

  2. Degrassi was my favorite show in middle school. My friends and I watched every single episode and knew every storyline. We knew as we watched that the show was overly dramatic and ridiculous but it was still fun to follow along. I totally get what you mean about the seasons repeating themselves though…there just aren’t enough new dramatic situations to come up with.

    Going through all of middle school with the same characters, I got used to them as the face of Degrassi. I don’t know about all these new kids…it just isn’t the same. I haven’t watched any of the new seasons and I probably won’t get around to it.

    Sorry for the random Degrassi rant, it just brought back some memories :)

    1. Oh I totally get that. My friends and I used to watch the old seasons too but these new characters seem so lame and flat and blaaaah. And I don’t like how super-young they seem for being in highschool.
      No problem, thanks for reading!

  3. Wow. I didn’t realize the show had been around that long. I’m sure the cavemen were saying the same thing about it back then that you are now.

    No problem! After your response to my Alan Hale Jr. comment, it would have been my loss to not come back, really.

    I’m just glad there’s someone else out there who understands my strange obsessions.

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