Things That Make Me Go “HA!”

When I need a laugh, I get on YouTube and BAM: Laughter.
There are about 90 million videos on this list, but there is no such thing as too much laughter.

The Dad Life
So awesome. These dads are pretty legit.

Hipster Olympics
I want to be just like them, only…not. Because hipsters don’t admit to aspiring to anything.

IT Crowd Outtakes
7:30 is my favorite part. I love The IT Crowd…it’s got to be the most hilarious show ever, next to Fawlty Towers and…nothing.

My Push Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man
Glozell can ALWAYS get a laugh out of me. It’s not that hard to make me laugh, honestly, but she really really really really makes me laugh. A lot. Get it? Good.

How To: Be a Bad Bitch
This just makes me excited. Nuff said. Plus, it’s a How To and we all know how much I love How To’s.


BBC Questionnaire (Alex Day)
Sort it out, love.
This guy makes me really happy with his readings of Twilight. This is a super old video of his, but it never fails to make me giggle.

2009 Got You Down?
While it’s neither 2009 nor Christmas time, this video always makes me happy. Especially when I forget what it is and watch it again. Then I get surprised and happy. Nothing is better than being surprised AND happy.

4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go “HA!”

Add yours

  1. You should check out anything made by the following people:

    Th Vlog Brothers
    Barats and Beretta
    Phillip De Franco
    Kassem G
    Hey Ash What Cha Playin’ (If you’re into video games)
    The Landline
    And maybe Blamesocietyfilms. But the only good thing they do is Chad Vader.

    Anyway, have fun watching hours of videos!

    1. That’s so helpful, because I was thinking about doing more video stuff here :) thanks alex!

  2. Here are some of my favorite videos..

    Skateboard Betrays Skater

    Guitarist Hits Singer

    Pedophile Beards

    How to talk to black people

    Adopt a Gangsta

    Unbelievable Dinner

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