Like the Opposite of Cold Feet

My hands are so cold. MY HANDS ARE SO BLOODY COLD.

I don’t want cold hands anymore. What if, because I have sliiiiightly low blood pressure, I have bad circulation and then I die? What if I die because my hands are cold? What if I die trying to warm my hands up by a fire pit and I fall in the fire pit and burn and die and ow!

This is a bad situation.

The above photograph is of me attempting to warm my hands up by pressing them against my face. But it kinda just looks like my hands are eating my face.
Please notice the gigantic cable knit woolen sweater I am wearing in an attempt to keep the rest of my body warm…

4 thoughts on “Like the Opposite of Cold Feet

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  1. You poor thing. I have low blood pressure and bad circulation and also get cold hands so I know how you feel. Brrr…I’m cold now as I type this. Here’s hoping you warm up soon!

  2. I feel your pain…in the winter time my hands feel like tundra wood – dry and brittle – almost as if there are no veins below my wrist to circulate blood. I’m constantly sticking my hands between my jean-clad thighs to warm them up. Not the best place to warm them up in public, but oh so necessary.

  3. I remember in 5th grade I had to take a piano test for admission into a middle school and the test was in the morning on a cold winter day. My hands were freazing. I had no idea how would be able to move my fingers. Luckily my hands got warmer and i got a 97% on the test. I hope you warm up!

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