‘The Office’ Makes Me Want a Boring Desk Job

Look how much fun they have...throwing paper about.

I identify with Jim.
No, I am not a man…
So I don’t totally know how to explain that one.

The characters of The Office practically never have fun at work (case in point: Stanley). But the fact that I am an outsider looking in on their un-fun makes it look fun.

Did I mention I’m also super in love with Jim?
I think it’s good that I identify with someone who I also love.
Plus, he has a pretty cute butt. Just sayin’.

And at this point, while I attempt to remember all the Spanish I forgot over break, I’d rather be doing a crossword with Stanley. Or listening to Angela talk about her cats. Or listening to Michael shout “GET ME ARMANI! WHERE IS ARMANI?”

Or Jim could say he loves me.
…am I the only one who constantly has the urge to say “John Kwasinski?”

I can’t believe I used to think I hated The Office. I have never been more wrong in my entire life. Ever.

I could use some comic relief. Maybe I’ll dress up like someone else and do this…just for a laugh. “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”

Always thinkin’ one step ahead. Like a carpenter who makes stairs.

10 thoughts on “‘The Office’ Makes Me Want a Boring Desk Job

Add yours

      1. I know!!! I told her I was never coming to her for resume advice again and stalked off in a huff. She says I don’t need it because I’ll end up married to a beet farmer anyway. >.< My mom is funny.

  1. Dwight Schrute: “Once I am officially regional manager, my first order of business will be to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new number two. My ideal choice: Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable, fictional, and overqualified.”

    How about Jim as Jack Bauer. A fine idea, no?

    1. Ahh! Looks like it’s not a secret anymore! It’s out on the interwebs and you can’t take it back! :)
      I love that Andy said that…carpenter who makes stairs. Oh Andy. You riot.

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