Why I Love Airport Terminals at Night

No, this is not me. I wish it were. But it's not.

Because that’s when people love each other the most.

1. Darkness.
It’s usually dark out at night, unless you live in The Land of Sarah Palin (Alaska…I’m sorry that I draw that connection) or The North Pole (SANTA!). Darkness makes people more loving…maybe it’s the fact that everything feels softer at night or that it cools down and gets all starry. I don’t totally know, but whatever it is, I just want to hug people at night.

2. The nighttime flights tend to come in from far away places.
At least where I live. It’s smaller here.
So when people are coming in from Germany and New York and Spain, you know there’s gonna be some serious hugging.

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I also really wanna say that with a lisp and say “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder” because that’s true too…but it’s not really in keeping with the rest of the post, so I’ll refrain. Anyway, when you haven’t seen someone in a month, you tend to get all emotional and teary eyed when you finally see them again.

4. Everyone else is getting all teary eyed.
Nothing makes me cry more than watching other people cry. And sometimes that sort of crying is good. It makes you feel full of sun and goodness and fairies…
And people smile nicely when they see you reuniting with people. They always look like, “Yeah, I just felt that way five seconds ago when my daughter came home.” And I really like feeling like I connect with people, even if I don’t really.

I hate flying, but I never mind being on the other end of the…plane…and greeting people in the terminals.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Airport Terminals at Night

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  1. “…feel full of sun and goodness and fairies…” this is exactly how it feels! You described it so perfectly! Loving this post!

    1. Thanks so much! I put it aside for like 3 weeks after my sister visited but I’m glad I’ve finally put it up.

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