The Many Faces of Cappy

I like to Google my name to find out who has been named after me…because obviously I’m so famous that people name their children Cappy simply because they love me so much.

I make lots of rounds kissing babies and whatnot. I’m a regular public figure.

A soda by any other name would NOT taste as sweet: The Coca Cola company was so impressed by my awesomeness that they decided to name a fruit-flavored soft drink after me. It apparently tastes good. It also comes in a gazillion flavors, apple mint, sour cherry, and watermelon being just a few of the exotic ones. Speaking of exotic, there is an “exotic” flavored Cappy drink too…right on.
I contain 99% real fruit juice and no added sugar. Take that, Snapple.

I fake left, I go right: There’s a boxing gym in Seattle named after me. No big deal. I’m just wicked buff. I really don’t even know what else to say except this: YO ADRIAN!I find my center…breathe in….namaste…. I’m a super chill, super cute yoga instructor. My name is Peggy. Peggy Cappy.
That name is slightly unfortunate. Hey Peg, think we could change your first name? It might go with my personality better if I were a…well, not Peggy.

I have a big red nose: No, I’m not Rudolph. But I am a clown.
That’s really fitting, actually.
Are you ready? “Cappy and the Clownettes bring tons of fun like balloons! fancy dancy face paint! glitter stencils! hair beads! hair paint! nail art! friendship bracelets! tan-toos for yous! mermaid curls! and more!”
Oh my goodness I am spunky.

I am an artiste! I actually was fortunate enough to see some of Cappy Thompson’s glass work at a museum when I was younger. I emailed her at one point and told her we had the same name and I was thrilled that she emailed me back. She seems like such a lovely woman. Cheers!

And cheers to all those Cappys around the world. Cappys UNITE!

8 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Cappy

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  1. I have to admit, I have always been very jealous of your name. It’s brilliant and interesting. Good on your parents for giving it to you.

    1. Why thank you! I’m named after my great grandfather, Charles, who everyone called Cappy. It feels pretty special.

  2. You are so lucky to have a name with such meaning behind it that is rare, yet not pretentious or obviously nonconfo.

    My too artsy rents named me Sea. Trust me, you are blessed by God to be named Cappy.

    Do people ever ask you for your real name? it happens to me all the time and I hate it! I guess Sea is not considered an okay name by the gen pub.

    1. People ask me if my name is Capriella, Capricorn, and so many other things it’s insane. Plus most people, when I introduce myself, go “Oh you mean Cathy?” like I don’t know what my name is… :)
      I think Sea is a beautiful name. That’s so cool.

  3. Well, who better to ask? LOL. .. I’m going to name my child Cappy or Cappi after my dad who passed; I would like it to be a middle name but I’m having difficulty finding a first name that goes, can you help me? I’m not sure if it’s going to be a boy or girl. Thank you:)

    1. Oh boy! Well…you know I have to try to convince you to make it their first name :) But if you insist on middle, make sure it doesn’t rhyme with the first name and make sure the first name is also meaningful. Try not to go with Jim or Sarah unless those names are really important to you. I feel like I’m not being much help but it’s hard to advise someone on how to name their child hah!

      1. LOL, thank you though. It is difficult with a name like Cappy it almost has to be a first name. I’ve yet to find a first name that goes with it.

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