Forbidden Love

He looked surprisingly similar to this...

Have I mentioned that I am in love with the boy who works at the Goodwill dropoff?
If you think I’ve mentioned it, you’re wrong, because I just met him today. HA. I tricked you.

I’m not entirely sure why this post is called Forbidden Love, because there doesn’t seem to be anything forbidden about it. We’re not Rom and Juls. Other than the fact that we come from different class systems – ie he has a job and I do not. Oh, what would his family say?
“Who is that creepy girl who constantly is dropping off old stuff at your dropoff?” is what they’ll probably say soon. I have a feeling I’ll be cleaning my closet out tonight…

Oh Goodwill boy, I love thee so. Can I call you Will? (Get it? Get it?) You’re amazing.  I am currently sending telepathic love vibes your way. I feel like this calls for a “missed connection” thingamadendum:

Missed: You. In the green hat. With the gauged ears (yeah, those are gonna have to go…but I like the rest of you). We exchanged grins as my mother attempted to figure out what the weird vaccum thing did that someone had dropped off. You have a very nice grin. I think we should get married. If that’s what you’re into…

I will leave you with these words from Sir John Suckling:

I prithee send me back my heart
Since I cannot have thine
For if from yours you shall not part
Why, then, shouldst thou have mine?

Okay, actually, I don’t want my heart back. Keep it. Just make sure you don’t accidentally sell it to the needy.

6 thoughts on “Forbidden Love

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  1. Oh goodness! I used to be in love with the guy who printed our copies at Kinkos. I even started changing the lyrics for “Taylor the Latte Boy” to fit his name and station. Oh the jokes we’d make about my trips to Kinkos for my prints/prince.

    You should totally go back and flirt with him. Do what I never had the courage to do! Of course my mum was always with me which made it totally awkward because she gets more giddy than I. I really need to stop taking her places. :P

    1. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. I would’ve chatted with him if my mom hadn’t been with me!

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