Baby You Can Drive My Boat

There’s a guy in town who has a boat car.
Yep. You heard me. A convertable car with a boat shell around it. And it drives on land – it’s not the like the cars that drive on water. Nope. Boat car = car with a boat shell.
Don’t ask.

Okay, ask, cuz I’m gonna tell you. I personally think it’s cool/weird/stupid/awesome/crazy. So obviously I can’t decide. But I was behind this boat/car yesterday and I felt like a complete ninny for laughing so hard. How many jokes could you make about this thing, I thought to myself. I am hilarious, I’m sure I can think of a couple…

*cricket, cricket*

“Man, that car’s a boat.” It really would be a boat. But it’d also be funny because people refer to big bulky cars as boats. I think you know this. I’m being redundant.

“Meet me at my boat in the parking lot, bro.” How many people would make fun of you for saying something like that? BOATS GO IN WATER, bro.

And think of the awesome movies you could make…

“Dude, Where’s My Boat?”

“A Street-Boat Named Desire.” But nobody can out-do Marlon Brando.

“Boats.” The new Pixar animated feature.

“The Boat.” Based on the 1977 film about a possessed car. But this one’s about a boat. Whoaaaaaaa, tricky!

So. How to make a boat/car:
Drive your car really fast into a boat and hope it sticks.
Beep beep!
Edit: I realize that someone I know owns this car/boat/whatever. I think it’s a pretty nifty idea, a pretty nifty deal. Worry not, I’m not a complete jerk.

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