“Enter Title Here”

So sometimes we all need to laugh. In fact, I kind of HAVE to so I can make it through the day. So here’s some joy for your Sunday afternoon.

1. I don’t know what this is. But it’s French and it’s super weird. I wish I spoke French just so I knew what was happening in this video. It’s like Sit and Be Fit on acid.

2. Face Exercises (Lion) – We all want to look younger, but are we sure we want to look this stupid doing it? (I actually kinda like her hair…)

3.  The Alex and Charlie Format! Today’s show is in the key of G. And a bloody good thing it is, because I like things that make me laugh, and this MAKES ME LAUGH. Whey hey!

4. Where the Dirty Hipsters Are – Nothing gives me more pleasure than making fun of hipsters. Except blogging, which is convenient because HEY I can make fun of hipsters on my blog!

5. New Testament Cigarettes – Because Woody Allen is a genius of epic proportions.

6. ‘Llectuals – I know I’ve already put this up, but I REALLY WANT THERE TO BE A SHOW LIKE THIS. Someone make it and dedicate it to me.

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