At the suggestion of a friend (I’m lookin’ at you, Casey) and with the help of (aka the greatest reference material ever), I have compiled a list of what Baja means to me. So without further ado (this always makes me want to sing Agadoo)…without further agadoo, here is that lovely lovely list:

1. Baja Men – Who let the dogs out, you ask? Baja Men are on the case, like detectives with bad dye-jobs. And weird outfits. Ohhh ’90s, the things we did for you (yippie-yie-oh).

2. Baja Fresh – Best taco place on the planet. Really. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m sure there’s another place (probably in South America) that makes better tacos. But I am a fan, mainly because their name contains the word Baja.

3. BAJA! (Courtesy of – A term used to the effect of “booya!” But it is to be pronounced as it is spelled (BAJA!)
I don’t know if I’d trust this definition, seeing as most the definitions there were too gross to put here and some of them seemed like whoever had written them was just MAJORLY stoned.

4. Baja salsa – Baja could totally refer to salsa being tasty and fresh. But then again, this just came out of my brain about six seconds ago, so it could also be complete gibberish.

5. Baha! – When an idea strikes you and you have a stuffy nose, you say, “Baha!” and raise a finger in the air intelligently.

What does baja mean to you?

6 thoughts on “Baja

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    1. I honestly don’t know. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually have different meanings.
      I think there’s a city called Baja…in California?

  1. I’m laughing over the yippie-yie-oh…yep, the 90s, horrid years actually, I preferred the 80s but I am an old one. The tacos sound nice, love tacos and you cannot find nice tacos in London wahhhhhhh

  2. Whenever I hear the term “baja” it usually means I am about to eat something I will really really like.

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