Agony Auntie

As I do an (slightly unsuccessful, at this point) advice column in the paper, I want to extend it to my blog.

Let me be your huge, imaginary shoulder to cry on. Please?


And make them interesting. And truthful.

xoxo to RubyWildflower for the inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Agony Auntie

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  1. Wowzers – you get to actually do it for a paper?? But, but, but.. I wanna do that?!

    Although, I doubt many papers would let me use fuck so frequently.

    Can I please be your first?

    Should I go back to loving Love of Life?

    1. Haha well it’s a paper for school and whatnot, but yes, I do. Oh, and nobody’s actually written in yet. I am supressing the urge to write really melodramatic stuff in to myself :)
      BAD RUBY. No. Love someone new. There are too many weird emotional ties and bad feelings and boooooooo for you to go back to loving anyone you ever loved before. Go find yourself one of those misunderstood, kind hearted male strippers or something (kidding). Xoxo!

  2. sooo..
    I like this man. Well boy (we are in 10th grade)
    But he likes my best friend
    She is leading him on and only sorta likes him but he is falling for her
    She always tells me how she isnt sure
    And he always tells me how sure he is
    what can I do? i want to protect him but I don’t want to be selfish
    he is really good looking

  3. Oooohh can I have a go too?

    I think I’m developing feelings for someone really important to me. There is a ridiculous sense of deja vu.

    Am I an effing idiot? Should I just flow with the spiral or jam on the brakes and do a U-turn?

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