I Re-Love You.

Dear Cappy,
You are so amazing and wise. I love you. You make me jump for joy in public areas, you make my hair more bouncy, and you make my nose tickle in the best way possible.
A Reader.

I made that up. But really:

Dear Cappy,
I have been recently broken up with and I am sad. Should I go back to loving someone I used to love before all this happened?

Hopefully she won’t mind that I kind of paraphrased.

Dearest R.W.
In a word, no. In six words, no no no, bad sex kitten. You have about sixty-five million emotional ties to this person (probably…I don’t really know), and each of those ties is a good reason to not go back to loving him. You’ve probably forgotten all the reasons he sucks by now, so you only remember good things (like that he smells good or how your tummy got all fuzzy when he spoke). But somewhere in your subconscious, he’s loud and obnoxious, doesn’t treat you well enough, is married, something, ANYTHING…
If he’s not pursuing you, you’ll torture yourself over him until your eyeballs pop out, since we all know that we women-types like to analyze everything to death. And if he IS pursuing you, I say you should smack him upside the head, ask him what the hell he’s playing at, and move on. Don’t get rejected twice. It sucks.

2 thoughts on “I Re-Love You.

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    1. Ha as I was writing back, I kinda realized that like a month ago I considered persuing someone I’d dated before. It was depressing that I give other people good advice but don’t follow it…

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