This is me being sad because I'm not bloody funny.

I don’t feel funny, which is inconvenient since I’m meant to write a humor blog.

So this time, I’m asking you to come up with the funny: write in (comment here or on facebook) or tell me in person about a topic I should blog about. You could ask for advice (I am the Agony Aunt, remember?), you could ask me to write a short story/poem on the topic of your choice, or you could ask for a “how to” blog on anything you like. But please…make me funny again.

Until then, I leave you with Marcell the Shell with Shoes On:


7 thoughts on “Funny.

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  1. That was like… the most intoxicatingly random thing ever!! I was like, “What the hell is that??” then I started watching it and couldn’t stooooop.

    “Guess what I do for adventure…? Hang glide on a dorito.”

    “My one regret in life is that I never had a dog…” *long, tragic pause*

    I want to cry, but I want to laugh, but mostly I just want to cry. AAHH! What did that thing to do my emotions!?

    “I can’t. I can’t lift anything.”

    “He impaled him on a brush.” OMG! So many great quotes!!

    Okay, being helpful now. Ooo, you should do a “How To” (those are my favorites) on “How To Get A Job.” Since the economy is crap right now and people would find that an invaluable post. It could be more specific too, if you like. As in “How To Excel at a Job Interview” or something.

    1. Girl, I like it! Ha I love that video. It makes no sense and is at the same time extremely quotable :)
      But really, I will commence working on a How to Get Un-Jobless post or something.

  2. You could do a how-to on coming up with a kick-ass Halloween costume. I’ve been lacking creativity as of late.

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