Random Strangers

Why I Blog

I don’t usually stop and ask myself why I do things, but recently I’ve been wondering why I blog. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. I want to make myself known in a world full of millions of writers, most of whom are a lot better at writing than I am. I want some random (but important) person (of influence) to stumble upon my blog and say “Whey hey! She’s so awesome! Quick, let’s get her published.” And then my life would be amazing and I’d be in college majoring in writing but I’d already be published. And that’d be awesome x10.

2. I want people to think I’m hilarious. Because I’m funny in real life, but then the word vomit comes and I turn into this massive weirdo (I mean to say everything I say…people just think my creepy side is accidentally showing. I’m being bloody funny, people). About 75% of me is on this planet to make people laugh. And the other 25% is here as an amazingly attractive individual who can spell her own name and walk in a straight line.

3. It’s easier to relate to random strangers sometimes. I’ve found some fantastically hilarious blogs and bloggers in the past couple months, and sometimes I wish I could get them all together and give them a group hug. Obviously that would ruin my anonymity, so it isn’t happening any time soon. But I’ll be dedicating a short story to them sometime (or maybe just a random sentence I write on a Post-It note…).

4. It’s relaxing. I like it. It pleases me. Me gusta.

5. I am just too hilarious for real life and need to extend my hilariousness to the interwebs. Because really, anyone who knows me will say that I ooze funny…like puss from a wound.
Aw, ewww.

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