I Will Give You Advice

Doesn’t mean you should take it…

This was me.

My apologies for not blogging more lately and for not answering these questions faster. This past week, I slept with a pair of nylons tied around my head. Not because I wanted to strangle myself, but because my jaw hurt and this was the only way to close my jaw and make it feel better. Except it didn’t make it feel better, it just made me feel like Marley’s Ghost. I don’t want to talk about it.

I got a couple questions sent in recently:

I like this man. Well boy (we are in 10th grade)
But he likes my best friend
She is leading him on and only sorta likes him but he is falling for her
She always tells me how she isnt sure
And he always tells me how sure he is
what can I do? i want to protect him but I don’t want to be selfish
he is really good looking
– Alexi

Even I, with my amazing wit and wisdom, am totally not sure what you should do. I will say that wanting to protect him is very unselfish, so don’t worry about that part.
As for the other stuff, be smooth. When he mentions her, drop hints that she doesn’t like him back the same way, but be careful telling him outright; she’s your friend and friends always come before boys you like. Don’t ask me why, it’s just some sick girl code we made up back in the middle ages when all men smelled like raw meat.
Anyway, this girl sounds like she’s your friend and it could look underhanded if you go behind her back to tell him. I’d suggest you talk to her first, telling her how you feel about him. She’d probably understand, and if she’s how I think she is, she’ll move on to another guy soon. Either way, that’s the only way you can clear the air and make yourself feel better.


I think I’m developing feelings for someone really important to me. There is a ridiculous sense of deja vu. Am I an effing idiot? Should I just flow with the spiral or jam on the brakes and do a U-turn?

Ah yes, I know that feeling all too well. Here’s the deal. Every time I’ve “fallen” for a good friend, I end up realizing about 3 weeks later that I like the sense of love and security I feel around him, but not the guy himself. So think about that being a possibility.
Even if  not, don’t do it. I’m usually all “go get him, you saucy minx,” but I think going for a friend could mess you up (and your friendship), especially since you later told me that this was someone you were interested in a while ago. Refrain, Ruby. Find another babe and ask me what to do. You know the answer will be “hellz yeah.”

11 thoughts on “I Will Give You Advice

Add yours

    1. Oh jeez, and my apologies for accidentally referring to you in the post as Alexi when you commented originally as Alexia!!

  1. This was all really good advice. As I was reading, I realized everything that was coming to my mind was absolutely no help at all. In fact, it was mostly nonsense and penis jokes. You on the other hand are incredibly helpful. Yay Cappy!!

    Also, I hope your jaw feels better.

    1. Ha well if I’d given the advice verbally it probably would’ve been nonsense as well. This (extremely eloquent) reply blog was the result of multiple edits.
      And thank you, my jaw is getting better. It still hurts to chew sometimes, but that’s what butterscotch pudding is for…

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