“Film” Friday

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but consider it your Christmas present.

Yeah, it's like I'm handing you a bit of happiness. TAKE IT.

Videos I love so much I want to make them my boyfriend:

1. But I Can Dance! – Natalie Tran
I want to be Natalie Tran. I love Natalie Tran. She is the most hilarious YouTuber I have come across so far. Someday, I hope to be as funny and successful as her. I love this video because it’s so true. Check out my other favorite videos of her: Bending at the Knees for Love and Flasher! Whoops! Yeah, it’s porno music/comment time.

2. Mashterpiece Theatre – Jersey Shore
These people are fun, and the video involves the Jersey Shore and British accents…combined. YES!

3. All I Want for Christmas is You
Except that it isn’t Mariah (which is good), but is instead really fun guys dancing around in sweaters. These guys make me so happy – I love their videos. Merry Christmas :)

4. Like it’s Quidditch
I always liked the sound of Like a G6, but I thought the words were really stupid. I love Harry Potter, so this tickles my fancy. You can buy it on iTunes, too. Hufflepuff, know what’s up.

5. Poker Face – Christopher Walken
I love him. He’d never heard the song, so he “sang” it…just watch the video. OH!

6. Clap – Brenden Fraser
My friends and I had a huge Golden Globes party last year. We dressed up and got classy…and then clapped like this all night after it happened because it was so hilarious. It’s 8 seconds, just watch it.

7.  Chess Tournament Cheer
This is probably the funniest thing Will Ferrell has ever done. I quote it all the time, but nobody ever gets it. So check me out!

8. And finally, The IT Crowd Bloopers
This show is so hilarious. And it’s streamable on NetFlix!!!! WATCH IT! But watch the bloopers first. Maybe.

4 thoughts on ““Film” Friday

Add yours

    1. I watched a couple episodes with my dad the other day and he loved them too. Every time I watch an episode I feel like I haven’t laughed properly in months, because I laugh so hard I practically die.

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