I Hereby Dub Thee…

I like names. They’re really important pieces of people, if you think about it. They’re with you for the rest of your life, and to me, a woman who will most likely relinquish her last name after marriage, that’s pretty significant.

I’m named after my great-grandfather Charles Brown; he was a fruit farmer in Delaware and an all-around snazzy guy, from what I can gather. My grandmother called him Cappy because he was the “captain of their ship” family-wise. I think that’s pretty sweet. The name stuck, at least within the family, and my dad admired him so much that my parents named me after him. One of my aunts (on my mom’s side) was quoted to say, “What kind of name is Cappy?” and I’m pretty sure that my grandmother (also on my mom’s side) didn’t like it at all at first. But I am Cappy and I always will be and I love it. It’s unique – few people have my name and those who do are not named after Charles (Cappy) Brown. I am. And he will never be forgotten as long as I have to explain my name to other people. It usually goes something like this:

Me: Hi, I’m Cappy.
Them: You mean Cathy?
Me: No, I know my own name. Cappy.
Them: How’s that?
Me: Cappy. C-a-p-p-y.
Them: Ohhhh, Cappy. Is that your full name? Or is it short for something, like Copernicus or Capriella or Cappernickle?
Me: No. Please don’t think my parents are big enough fools to name me Cappernickle. I’m named after my great-grandfather.
Them: You’re named after an old guy?
Me: Yes…

When I was little, I had a hard time naming my stuffed animals; my rabbits were usually named Bunny or Bun-Bun (or, in the case of an orange bunny I had, Orangey) and my bear’s name was Bear-Bear. As I got older, the names got more creative. The snake I caught in my yard was named Sir Wednesday Mouser III until my sister let him out of his glass cage one day and he disappeared inside my house. My imaginary friends’ names were Annie, Mark, and Jenny, which, though not very exciting, were at least actual names.

When I got older and started writing stories, names became really important. I wrote a comic strip called Solemn the Lonely Bird about a penguin/toucan who was sad because nobody loved him. I also wrote “romance” stories in which the character who most resembled myself was usually named Annie or Ruby or Cleo and the man I ended up marrying was often Mark, Nick, or George. These names became significant in my own life; as soon as I met someone named Mark, I knew he was the boy I would fall in love with. As soon as there was a Ruby, she was destined to be my best friend. It never worked out quite like that…

And as with most females who are not in relationships and don’t see one coming in the near future, I have a really good time making up the names of the children I one day will not have. That’s right, I don’t want children. Granted, I’m pretty much a child myself so I don’t need to make the decision any time soon anyway, but they really freak me out. Sometimes I love them, sometimes they make me want to strangle myself, and sometimes I just have no idea how to hold them without breaking them. Anyway, I don’t really see myself having children, but I love making up their names. My sons will be named George, Julian, Charles (Charlie for short), and/or Wes. My daughters will be named Beatrix, Ginger, Julia, and something. I haven’t quite figured all the girls out yet; even though I like little girls better than little boys, I have a really difficult time naming female things (which is why it took me forever to pick out a name for my cat, which I thought would be a girl and then ended up being a boy anyway. His name is now Mickey, and I call him Bibbit. I have no idea, so please don’t ask).

So if I like your name, I will most likely either name my cat after you or stalk you and perform African-voodoo rituals on your shirts. You think I’m kidding? Just watch.

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  1. Cappy, I just love your name. It’s so clever and original. Thank you for explaining it’s origin. I think it’s wonderful you were named for your grandfather, the Captain.

    When I was young, I too used to name my imaginary children and in my mind I had 8, four of each. Which gave me plenty of opportunities to come up with first and middle names. The more exotic the better, if you ask me.

    Anyway, I just love your blog. You’ve got moxie; you’ve got style!

    1. I just love you for reading my blog :) Thanks. I agree, it’s nice to be able to mix and match first and middle names, etc.
      I love the word moxie.

      1. Everyone my dad knows gets assigned a nickname. Everyone. I used to find it embarassing in high school when I’d bring a new friend home and he’d greet her/him with their new nickname almost immediately. Now I think it’s endearing and every name has stuck through the years!

        1. I think that’s fantastic :) My dad always jokes around with my friends, too, and when I was younger I was embarassed but now I love it. Thanks for reading and sharing your story!

    2. I find when I am writing a book, naming the characters is the hardest part of the whole book. Almost every name reminds me of someone and they just don’t quite fit my character.

      My dad called me cappin’ when I was little because I loved the Captain Kangaroo show, so your names brings back lots of nice memories!

      1. THAT IS FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing, your dad is a great nicknamer :)
        Also, I totally agree. I never want to name someone the same name as someone I know. It makes things harder.

  2. Oh yes, a name…

    I’ve always gotten either “Michelob” (useful when I was teaching college students — my name is just like Michelob, only a long “e” sound at the end instead of the “ob” followed by sudden nods of understanding) or “Mickey Mouse.”

    It could be worse, I suppose. At least both evoke feelings of fun!


  3. At this risk of creeping people out, sometimes a name from the newspaper obituaries will jump out at me and I’ll think, wow, great name for a fictional character in the novel I may or may not write someday. BTW, my stuffed bunny’s name was also Bunny. Congrats on FP!

  4. I LOVE the name and the origins! What an honor to be named for someone that the family regarded so highly.

    I’ll be a new follower now!

    Happy New Year Cappy!

  5. I love this! I wrote this morning on The Word Game that my family likes to play in which a mother gives each of her children one word that best describes him or her. I can honestly say living up to your name is almost always a more enjoyable exerience than living down to your “word”.
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed,

  6. Reminds me of a lunatic professor I once had — literature. Every class focused on names. He obsessed over them and claimed that if you knew the real name of something, you had power over it.

    I think he read too much Ursula Le Guin.

    Not sure how he would feel about Cappy, but given the context of the name, he’d probably respect it.


    1. Hahaha he sounds kinda crazy, but I also appreciate that. In the bible, when people change their names, it’s a huge deal and represents a complete character change, which I always thought was really cool even though I’m not much for the bible.
      Thanks for reading, I’m so glad you enjoyed :)

  7. Great post. I love the discussion of names, and very much admire yours! I’d be so proud of it, and the meaning behind it. I’ve always shortened my own name to Bon, and forever hated my middle name ‘Sue’ since it got changed to the ‘suey’ pig call during my school years. It’s all good though, didn’t scar me up too much, I don’t think – though might argue that!! Congrats on Freshly Pressed and an awesome post. :)

    1. Ahhahaha that’s amazing :) Ted Kennedy’s dog was named Cappy too – short for Captain.
      Capsule Hallelujia? Wow.

  8. In my writing I’ve always had trouble coming up with names. I once actually resorted to opening a phonebook and pointing at random entries. And at last resort, I christen a character ‘IDK’ and swear to replace it with something more suitable as soon as possible.
    Congrats on the Freshly Pressed.

    1. Haha I do that too. JK Rowling said she found a lot of names from graveyards. I might have to try that one.

  9. I’m not a good writer but I sometimes take the time and courage to write short-stories besides writing regular technology news stories. I find it hard to come up with suitable or good names for the characters I made in the story.

  10. You are a gifted writer indeed! I loved your blog, it brought a smile to my face in a time when I think I have forgotten that I could smile at all.

    Thank you for the nice xmas present by re-aquainting my face to my smile.


  11. I loved this post! It was fantastic! Also, I think you’re name is lovely! I enjoy names that aren’t used all that often, I think they’re way more fun and original! :)
    This blog was quite entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot! I think you’re swell! :)

  12. I too like names and spend a lot of time coming up with names for characters when I write fiction. Unlike you though, I have been torn when it comes to liking my real name. The name that comes with this post is a reflection of poor choices I have made in life…didn’t take long to come up with that one.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  13. I am always curious about names. I’m named after an old guy too, sort of. My middle name is Efthemia, after my grandfather, Efthemios. (It means “one who is happy”.) I sign my name with the E. You know how it goes….

    Them: What’s your middle name?
    Me: Guess.
    Me: No, Efthemia.
    Them: Efthe — what?
    Me: Efthemia, after my grandfather. E-F-T-H-M-I-A.
    Them: Never heard of that. Etc.

    Thanks for the story!

  14. Uniqueness is the asset and your name is THE ONE. Fun post! But still wondering why the heck u ‘named’ your blog as ‘writer’s block’ :/

    1. I’m pretty sure it was because I couldn’t think of a name and…you know, I have no idea. Haha, it was either that or something stupid like “Cappy’s Blog” or “I Am a Ninny”

  15. Cappy, what a cool name. What makes it stand out so much is the uniqueness of its being. As a guy with what I always thought was a unique name I don’t hold a candle to Cappy.

    1. Thanks! Its so exciting…I may have peed my pants a little when I found out.
      No, the snake probably crawled into a floorboard and died, which is kinda gross…

  16. I have five children and they each have four names, a first two “middle” and the traditional surname, and even then I was tempted to hyphenate because it lends variety and they can choose what they want to be called as they enter the adult world….but I stopped with four because of the drudgery or standardized tests and such paperwork that only allows for so many letters

  17. I agree with you! Names are powerful. I used to do some writing, and I would always research names. I would search for the meaning of a name that fits the situation or character. For example, in a TV show I created I had a character named Paige. Paige was sort of the tag-along sidekick. Perfect, eh?

    One problem for me is male names. I can’t stand them. They are either boring, or the child will get made fun of. I just hope I never have sons…

    <3 Milieu

  18. How interesting! It must’ve been an honor to be named after someone loved so much! You are very lucky to have a name that has a wonderful history behind it. My parents got mine from a random newspaper after a student who was graduating from a medical university. It has such a large impact on me. I get high grades, but a low social life. My parents are now trying to open me up. I guess I don’t interact much with people. But then, school is for learning.

  19. I enjoyed reading this post, specially the conversations between,’Me and Them’!
    I think everybody should be proud of their names, after all we can make it look good or equally bad by the things we do and how we make a difference.
    Like some of the sports personalities, they are just names after all but the mark they make on this Earth makes their name so’ called-out’ and well if you like any of the sports, you’d know what I mean. And even if you don’t watch sports, please do not be offended because I meant to cause none.

    Really unique and nice name,Cappy,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,



  20. I never knew my grandfather. Both grandfathers on maternal and patriarchial side passed away before I was born. I think it’s a high honor to be named after a good man like your grandfather. The name Cappy is just so like a Gatsby character maybe. I like it.

  21. When I was a kid, I bought a book of baby names simply because I wanted a resource of names to use when I came up with characters for stories. I couldn’t have a character named “Annie” unless “Annie” was short for “Annamaria Francesca.” (Seriously). Do you ever find it much harder to come up with interesting male names than female names? I’ll have names like Georgina, Cynthia, Veronica for the girls and Jason and Fred for the boys.

    1. Somehow I always have an easier time with boy names than girl ones! I have no idea why, but it’s kinda annoying because my stories’ girls always get named Jane and so on…and same for me with the Annie thing!! I always liked Annette best, but Annamaria Francesca is pretty awesome :)

      1. Me too! I love a lot of names for boys, especially European sounding names like Julian, Ramsay, Declan and more, but for girls I only like one name: Charlotte.

  22. I like names that are not the norm. I always think the person who has a unique name certainly must have a very exciting life. Why I think that, I don’t know.

    My parents had 10 children and they named each of us with names that started with “R” like my father’s name. (One of my sister’s got a version of my mom’s name for her middle name, so mom wasn’t left out.) But most of the time, when my parents were upset with us or in a hurry, they just called us whatever name came to mind first.

    Names ARE pretty important. That’s why parents take so much time trying to figure out what to name their kids. By the way, I don’t know how old you are, but your feelings about having kids might just change in a couple of years. So, better get that list of girl’s names finished! :)

  23. ))) I really like my name. Never have any problems with it.Must suck to have a weird name.HOWEVER,it’s never spelled right at the Starbucks..I always get Valeria,Vulerua,Valentia,Valintinia. SO I just give them names like Opuskalika,Loverbug,Prunzicucumber and etc,once I was FluffyStrawberry.. They know Im lying abt my name,but what can they do.

  24. I like names too. I didn’t like my name when I was younger, but now it is nice to have a “different” name. Cappy is pretty awesome!

  25. My name is Alexandra, but I go by Alex, which makes email communication difficult because half the people I do business with expect to hear a male voice when they call me, not a female.

    I also met a girl name Sprout the other day, and I couldn’t resist.. I said “as in bean sprout?” She was less than thrilled. I suspect that it’s a nickname of some sort that I will never know the meaning of.

    1. That’s a really interesting name…Sprout. Hmm. I like the name Cricket. I’d totally name my daughter that.
      People always say, “like Happy Cappy!” and think they’re being original. But I think it’s nice, so I don’t mind :)

  26. Hey, at least no one has asked if it’s short for Capybara!

    I have an unusual first name myself and didn’t think too highly of it when I was young, but I’ve grown to like it.

    Besides, in this day and age, it’s almost becoming more common to find an unusual name than a “standard” one.

    1. Haha yeah, in middle school we learned about Capybaras and someone said, “Cappy’s bra? EWWWWW” which was really delightful….
      I think it’s so much better to have a different name. I love when people ask me about my name, because it has a story :)
      Thanks for reading!

  27. My first name is Rayme (rhymes with Amy) and that usually leads to a few corrections. I like having an unusual name, and I have found certain advantages to it.
    I actually just read a short article about unique celebrity baby names –people to love to criticize them, but if you think about it, having a celebrity parent (or two) is going to make your life unusual already, and it’s better to be called Apple than “Gwen Paltrow’s daughter, ” right?

  28. When I was 5, I was Katie. But in 4th grade, it came to the attention of our teachers that “Katie” was a very popular name, so we all had to pick a variation of the moniker. Some of my friends stuck with Katie, some changed and went with Kady, or Kaitlin, or Kathryn…but I became Kate. I chose my own variation because it felt right. I cannot imagine myself nowadays as Katie…funny how a name I grew up with now sounds so foreign. And it still weirds me out to think that one day, I WILL drop my own last name and become someone different….well, at least in name only.

    Great post! Well deserved FP status!


  29. This post made me LOLz. :D Isn’t it quite frustrating to have to spell your name when people are lost? I have to spell two of names just for people to get it right in both writing and speaking.

    Amusing post. Now I can’t get the “Captain oh Captain” poem out of my head. :D

  30. I have names picked out for the kids I plan on not having as well: William, Christopher and James for the fellas and Chloe, Hannah and Lilly for the girls.

    I used to feel the same way you described above about kids. Now I just don’t want to do it alone — and even if I married any of the men around me I would still end up basically doing it alone.


    1. I love the name James!
      Haha yeah, going it alone would be quite the challenge. And I agree…sometimes I look around and realize that being single is better than being with the nitwits I know :)

  31. OMG so nice to see you on Freshly Pressed. I love it! Cappy is a cool name and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I was really bad with names as well, though I did name my one and only cat Lancelot Kitty Pooh, which I thought was brilliant at the time and better than my friend’s cat, who was named: Fluffy.

    If I ever have another cat, I’d love to name it Lucy Fur
    because just say that aloud and picture me yelling out that name when the cat’s not around. It will freak everyone out making them think I worship the lord of darkness mwah hah hah…oh wait, I’m allergic to cats…damn…

    1. Hahaha Lucy Fur is such an awesome idea. I love it. Become un-allergic to cats and get one! haa
      Thanks :) I’m really happy that I’ve been Freshly Pressed, mostly because I love how many people comment on my blog and share stories with me. It’s really brightened up the holidays :)

  32. Cappy is cool. It’s very unique. I must confess I’d probably ask the same questions you get (is it a nickname?), but I’m just a curious person and love to know what’s behind a name.

    Love your story — being named after your great-grandfather is really neat, and extra fun that your parents named you after his nickname, and not his given name! Wild and wonderful.

    I think names like yours are hard to pull off, so when you find a person who does, I, at least, am full of admiration.

    Like Picabo Street. At first when I heard it I hated the name, but after seeing interviews with her, I realized she is somehow able to handle that name and it works for her.

    If I had children I’d give them pretty solid names, and I think that if you have a nickname and it sticks that’s up to you (whether you want to use it). However, in situations like yours, it’s clearly a situation that an individual is able to take on make their own.

    I had an ex-boyfriend who married a wonderful woman from New Zealand and they were thinking of naming their first girl-child “Sweetie Pie”. Yep. I thought it was crazy, but who knows, it might have worked for her. Sadly, they never had kids and got divorced. I often wonder if there is a “Sweetie Pie” out there somewhere?

    1. Thanks for reading :) I used to hate my name when I was little because nobody else had it, but then I realized that it’s about seven million times better to have my unique name! I love the name Picabo…it’s really fitting for her and probably wouldn’t work as well for others haha.
      Hmm. Sweetie Pie. That’s a really interesting name, I also wonder if someone else has that name!

  33. I was named Damian and soon after “The Omen” came out in the cinemas. Most of my childhood was spent denying that I was the antichrist, until I finally started asking people that if they thought I was the antichrist, whjy were they trying to piss me off? Just as the memories of “The Omen” faded, a popular UK tv programme named one of their characters Damian and had the Omen music play every time he was mentioned. I really enjoyed that. Most of the time I go by my family nickname of “Dim” which I’ve had for so long it has no other meaning. Plus it’s easier to spell.

    I’ve never met a Cappy, but it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’ll look forward to your future posts.


    1. Thanks so much for reading! Pleasure to make your acquaintance too :) I’m glad you shared your name story with me – that must’ve gotten so old. Of course you weren’t the anti-christ hahaha

  34. I love the name. And your post. Cappy is original for sure, and even better because there’s a reason behind it. I’m not a parent and don’t plan to be, so I won’t be planning my baby names. But one of the things I love most about writing and starting a new story is finding the perfect name. I agree that a name truly helps to identify the person and it is the most personal part of a person there is. Thanks for sharing your story!

  35. I enjoyed reading your post about your name. I love interesting names, have one myself. I am not sure I should share it with you. It just seems wrong to have a pet called by my name =). I will check back in the future.


  36. This post just made my day :) very well written and I really like your name Cappy. I have two names, one Arabic and one Persian (two languages none of my parents knew or spoke). I have been living in Melbourne since 2009 and everywhere I go my name always causes confusion. My name “Amna” is either spelt as “Anna” or “Emma”, and I am always wasting my precious time spelling out my name to people-behind-counters, A-M-N-A.
    Sometimes If I am lucky (that is the person-behind-counter is having a nice day) I manage to get a “oh what a beautiful name” ;)

    1. It’s really pretty :) I’ve always loved Arabic/Persian/etc sounding names. They seem so special!

  37. You are amusing and I think your name is too. Would you like to call one of your cats “Kate Katharina”? You see- my name is unique in its duplicity. If you had had a siamese cat for instance, the name would be perfect. I hope your six named and two unnamed imaginary children are not keeping you up at night.

    1. Hahaha thank you :) Your name is really pretty that way!
      Sometimes the kids keep me up but then my husband Ron Weasley puts them back to sleep so it’s fine. Hahaha.

  38. hi! i read your post and just loved it! my name is melina! and for a long time people mistaked it for melinda, or melissa or whatever! i used to hate it! but nowadays it makes me unique!!!!

  39. I’m Singaporean and I named my little girl Dobel, , people asked, “what kind of name is this, sound like door bell?” I said, “no she’s Dobel Indonesia Lang means double!”

    yeah, sometimes people like to make fun of unique name.

    1. That. Is. Fantastic. Hahaha Topless. There was a girl at my school with the last name of Whitehead, I think, but Russell Sprout might just take the cake.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I love reading people’s comments and stories about names :)

  40. I was named after a freakin’ hamster. What’s in my name? Furballs and stationary wheels…

    …At least they put tequila in my sippy bottle.

    Here’s to ya, Cappy!

  41. I love that you’re named after your grandfather. My parents were planning to do a similar thing naming me after my grandpa, Joe, calling me Joely, but somehow that plan got nixed and they let the waitresses at the restaurant we owned talk them into naming me Jessica, the most popular name of the time. *shakes head* Maybe I’ll name one of my imaginary kids Joely to make up for it.

  42. I love unique names – it makes everything more interesting.
    I used to dedicate hours to naming my then unborn children; but once I actually had them a real obstacle came in the form of the sperm donor, or husband in my case.
    I never did get to use my intended names, three daughters later, compromising through clenched teeth for each one.

  43. I always wanted there to be a significant story about how I got my name, but my mom doesn’t really have one. My brother was named after an uncle, and I don’t know who I was named after. This was a fun article and I love the story of how you got your name too!

  44. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!! (Hopefully, it didn’t hurt.)

    Oh, boy-howdy can I relate to the unusual name thing. I go by by middle name because my first name is my mother’s first name. Also, when I was born, it was her best friend’s name.

    My families went with that until school, but then I was in class with two more girls with that same name. So, using my middle name stuck.

    For most of my life, introductions went like this:

    Me: Hi, my name is Breck.
    Other Person: Brett?
    Me: No, Breck.
    Other Person: Brooke?
    Me: No, Brrr–eh-ck.
    Other Person: Brock.
    Me: Uh-uh. Breck. Like the shampoo?
    (until about 1999)Other Person: OOOOHHHHHHHH!

    Unfortunately, the waning popularity of Breck hair-care products has made meeting people more challenging for me.

    Now, the conversation goes like this:

    Me: Hi, my name is Breck.
    Other Person: Brett?
    Me: No, Breck.
    Other Person: Brooke?
    Me: No, Brrr–eh-ck. Like the shampoo?
    Other Person: Like what?
    Me (giving up): Breck. B-R-E-C-K.
    Other Person: OH! Okay.

    Then, if I see them again, they call me Brett, Brooke, Brock, or Britt.

    *sigh* I just smile and nod.

    Breck, like the sham—oh, never mind.

    1. Hahaha thanks so much for reading and sharing your own name troubles :) I love your name! I have not heard of the shampoo though, so I’d probably be yelling HUH? at you also

  45. Love it! I love unique names and I think yours is fabulous! I also like the story behind how you got name. Nothing better than a great name story!

    As a writer, I, too, place a lot of value on names and strive to give characters unique names. I find myself spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect name for my characters and often times when I start a story, I will write _______ for a character’s name until I find the “perfect” name.

    I like the names you have picked out for your kids! I used to say that I would name my future daughter Passat after the car and I wanted to name my future son Jarvis after the street that ran next to mine.

  46. Oh, name mix-ups. My parents gave me a normal name, but it didn’t save me from the constant butchering of my last name. Classy name, by the way. Cappy. I like it.

  47. what a nice post- it felt like having a conversation with you. I have my own name stories and stories about my kids names. . .I love how almost always, a person’a name matches them. Anyway- sweet, cozy post. . .glad you got pressed ;)

  48. I went through a period where every character was named Emma, after Emma Watson of course. Know I sometimes toss in the name Jane just for fun. But its still usually Emma.

    I really think the names that we pick reveal tons about who we are at this point of our lives.

  49. i was named chandrashekhar after two nobel laureatte’s :) friends at school used to shorten it to chandu and in college to shekhar :)

    chandrashekhar itself is the name of lord shiva with the moon on his head!

  50. My name is Kimberleigh. I was tortured with learning to spell and write such a long, non-phonetically correct name as a child and now as an adult I have to repeat the spelling to other adults multiple times before they get it right. Given all of this, I decided to name my children with uncommon names to pass along the torment. =)


  51. Your blog’s wonderful and your name is cute. :)

    My name is Sarah Joyce but I’m used to be called Sarah only. The only person I know who calls me by my whole name is my mom. Not all the time though. Only when she’s angry. Haha. That’s why when someone calls me by my whole name, I remember my mom, in a bad way though. :))

  52. This is my first time reading your blog and I love this post. I too have a name that is generally a nickname. I loved it to no end when I was in school and a teacher would try to scold me using what they thought may be my real name. Always a good time. Also, I love your name. I am pretty in love with Greek and one of the man characters goes by Cappie (though it is a nickname).

  53. My name is Mikaela Danielle. The Mikaela came off of a tx show where the doctor was Mikaela because my mom wanted a girl doctor in the family. The Danielle came from my gorgous aunt who’s middle name is Danielle

  54. This is awesome! You have a really cool name! My name is Maramena (but most people call me Mara) and I’m usually in the same boat as you…where people have no idea what my name actually is or don’t know how to pronounce it lol :P

  55. Hi Cappy! Before my lengthy comment, congrats on making FP! :)

    I have a unique nickname too (JEDO)!! *high five*

    My full name is Joseph Rouben—from ‘Jose’ (my paternal grandfather) and ‘Ruben’ (my maternal grandfather). I was the first grandson on my father’s side of the family, while I was the first child of the youngest child (my mom) on her side. I guess my parents gave me my name as tribute to the two fathers on both sides of the family.

    I’m sure you’re wondering how Jedo came from Joseph Rouben. My nickname should be JR (initials of Joseph Rouben), right? But when I was still groping for my first words, all the grown-ups around me kept pushing me to say my own nickname. I couldn’t say the letter ‘R’ yet, and I ended up saying Je-‘do’ instead. And that’s how I gave myself my own nickname, well, at least that’s how it happened (according to my parents, uncles and aunts, and grandparents).

    So much about me. As to your post, I can agree on pretty much everything you wrote, and I join everyone in saying that your nickname is wonderful and it’s origin heartwarmingly noble.

    Like you, I also went through life with everyone asking me about my name and how come I came to be called Jedo. I always explain, up until I ran out of patience. And so, when I was young, I hated my nickname too. I always insisted they call me JR or Joseph instead.

    Eventually, I embraced ‘Jedo’ for the very reason you embraced ‘Cappy’.

    I, too, spend time thinking about what names I would give my would-be child/children, though I’m not planning on becoming a parent anytime soon. I’m thinking of naming my kid Caitlin or Beatrix (female) and Michael or Lucas (male).

    Lastly, I also agree that a person’s name is an integral part of his/her being. I am always fascinated with the stories behind names and I spend countless hours wondering if a name matches a face or not.

    There. Lengthy, but I hope you get to read this.

    Happy end of 2010! Have an awesome 2011! :)

    1. SERIOUSLY? Beatrix? Ohhh man, you are my hero. I loved Beatrix Potter as a child, so I’ve planned on that forever. :)
      I think your name is really fantastic and original. As kids we never love our unusual names but I’m pretty sure that as we grow older we search for uniqueness!
      Happy New Year to you too!!!

  56. ” . . . sometimes I just have no idea how to hold them without breaking them.”

    I had to hold an 8 week old baby once for what seemed like an eternity. To spite my fear of dammaging her, she did not break. I’ve also thought of several names for children I’m not going to have.

  57. Hi Cappy!
    I have a friend whose nickname is Kappy…. she however does only use Kathy as a nickname for Kathy. Not sure how that happened really it just did. I really did love the back story to your name though, and I think that you are right on with saying that we all look for uniqueness. Love the blog, keep keepin’ on!

  58. i loved reading..but cant relate it to myself.. when i think about a person whom i really know the name doesnt even come into picture..
    by the way my nick name is mikku.. dont knw where it came frm..
    well..mayb frm now on i will notice the names :)
    thanx to you!

  59. HAHAHHAHAA. What an awesome post! :D My name’s Gwendoline, in full. Gwen, in short. I don’t know is that a unique name or not, but after Gwen Stefani, I guess that it has become a ‘cool’ name. Haha!

    When I was in Chinese primary school, no one could pronounce Gwen or Gwendoline for the matter. It was always GWAN-DOH-LINN. Or! They would just call me by my chinese name. Haha!

    It used to bug me, like “Why can’t I have a normal sounding name?” Especially in chinese school! But then, I grew up. I love my name now and wouldn’t switch it for the World. My mum almost named me Geraldine. It felt weird, and didn’t fit as well as Gwen! :D

    I usually blog at Blogger, but I’m waiting for the stupid verification email so I can switch to WordPress! Thank you, Cappy, for keeping me entertained while I wait for that damn email.

  60. Names are ever so important, and I love how you love your name. I was dubbed Katie Lyn, in the decade of all Katie’s, Kaitlyn’s, and etc, of that type. Only recently have I come to terms with my name, and have started using the full Katie Lyn, which no one ever remembers. But it’s important to me. Though I was not named after a very cool grandfather.

    And I too, pick names for children. Great reading this, and I think I just may have to read more.

  61. hey Cappy I am back to tell you about my second name which completely slipped my mind as I have stopped using it in Australia. My second name is Mehwish (pronounced Ma-wish) now how cool is this name ;) I really love it, its Persian for ” halo of light around moon”, it doesn’t mean moonlight though. So this makes me Amna Mehwish..phew!!but I do love my name as it shows how much my mother loved me and she wanted to give me a nice poetic name.

  62. I love finding out how people get their names, I wish I had been named after a relative…..Joyce perhaps after my grandmother…but no….
    I’m named after a rich villianous whore….which happens to be one of my librarian mother’s favourite novels…
    A novel that my grandfather bought for me in hardback when I was born.


    Which curiously…I still have to spell to everyone…

    No… not Rebbeca
    No… not Rebbekah
    It’s spelt like the book…you know…as in DeWinter….

    You know what…just call me Becks….yeah…like the beer.

  63. Fun piece. I like the stream-of-consciousness feel as you work your way through your personal history of names . Favorite part is how you thought people you met with names of characters (Mark/Ruby) would become those characters.

    We have four little kids, and by the time Tax Credit #4 came around we were pretty well taxed for names. Naming is hard; it’s so permanent. We just went with “Human.”

    I wonder what the most popular names were a 100 years ago? Those would truly be unique names today.

    Congrats on Pressed.

    Chase McFadden

  64. Ah yes, names. Funny things they are. For example, it took me about half the post to figure out that the Cappy named after their grandpa is actually a female blogger.

    Also, I have that bad habit of giving everyone and their grandma a nickname, which comes very easy to me – and at the same time I have a very hard time assigning names to characters in my stories. This has even lead to me writing a story in which I used names for only two characters, giving the rest of the extensive cast only descriptive names.

    As for the kids I also won’t ever have: since my sister stole the one girl name (for her second daughter) that I would have used for sure, I have given up on naming non-existing babies.
    I have, however, named the next dogs I will hopefully be getting in the near future.

    And it never stops being funny seeing people’s faces when a family member calls me Joe – a nickname that has absolutely nothing to do with my actual name, a nickname no one remembers how it came to be and a nickname no one outside my family used.

    Name. They are funny. Unless you name your kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, like that New Jersey couple. True story.

  65. Cappy, I loved this blog…I have done the same things (the children I am not going to have become characters in the books I am going to write because I love the names so much.) Your blog caught my eye because on Tuesday I wrote about very much the same thing!!!! It was titled “What’s in a Name” in a nod to the Bard…

  66. I am sure you didnt have to compete for a facebook account hey? Or a website? I named my little girl Logan….. thinking that it woudl be unique for a girl. Well, a few months ago- there were three Logan’s in her school. Crazy hey. Didn’t feel very original then.
    I did a post not so long ago opn names- called it “i need a name for this post?” You might enjoy it.
    Keep well Cappy.

  67. Love it, and I love your name! Mine is Marisa which is usually mistaken for Melissa or Marsha depending on whether it’s be read or repeated and whether it’s by a redneck or a yank……

  68. So, I haven’t read you blog entry yet but, OMG, I was taken by your copyright tag:

    “Don’t steal my stuff, y’all! If you do, I’ll sic Voldemort (aka the copyright enforcer) on you.”

    HAHA! That’s why I subscribed to your blog. FUNNY. :))

    1. Haha thank you! I love Harry Potter and I also wanted to put some sort of copyright thing up (which actually might not even be legally binding since it mentions Voldemort)…I’m really glad you noticed that!

  69. Great post…nicely written.

    I totally understand about needing to explain your name. Which, with my name, I still don’t quite get. Apparently, people in this country have trouble with the concept of the silent ‘e’. You’d be surprised how many different ways I’ve heard people try to pronounce “Cate.” Or maybe you wouldn’t. You probably have a good idea. Then there’s the mail. If I am not there in person to prove that I am female, for some reason, “Cate” absolutely must be the last name, you know, because obviously I don’t know how to write my own name in the proper order. My last name always ends up being my first name, and there’s almost always a “Mr.” tacked in front of it all. I don’t know why.

  70. I like Cappy. Good name. I used to be dreadful at naming things. I’m still not too good, but I’m getting better, which should come in handy for my stories. I love naming things. I like to give things names like Reginald or Leopold or Absolom, if that’s even spelled right. I, too, have a harder time choosing girl names. I like Azucena, though. And Himiko. Or is it Kimiko? One video game had a character named Kongiku, which I love.

  71. What you wrote is itself a story of a girl filled with life who is in a countryside or in a far away place. What you wrote was like a story to me or you may say, a film to me. Good one, Cappy.

  72. I like the name Cappy a lot! It’s got a nice ring to it. Very original. :)

    I love names. I’m a writer, too, so I think names are extremely important. I spend hours on those baby naming sites looking up names and their meanings. Often times existing names just don’t work for my characters, and I make names up.

    I haven’t decided on the names for my future children at all, since that seems waaaaaaay in the future. Although I do like the names Loren (for a boy), Dashiel (for a boy), Wren (for a girl), and Amaryllis (for a girl; I’d call her Ami [AH-mee] for short). Please don’t steal them! You can admire them, but it took courage to write them here. LOL ;)

    Happy New Year and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  73. your name is original I never had heard it, imagine my name is Leticia and the meaning is joy, but my near family call me Katy and I prefer my nickname more than my birthname, before in Mexico was usual to name at the people like was in the calendar for example if you were born the 20 november, then your name would be “revolution”. There are many people that had changed their name.

  74. I think Sir Wednesday Mouser III is an awesome name!! I would love to read a children’s chapter book with that as the main character. Let me know when it comes out so that I can buy it. :)

  75. You have an awesome name and great story behind it, Cappy! I’ve always been fascinated by names. They’re such an enormous extension of ourselves; it’s amazing how much a name can convey about a person without even knowing them. With such a unique name, you’ve got license to be whomever you want – and from all appearances you’re pulling it off spectacularly!

    As a child, I was jealous of my two sisters’ names. Both of their first names were for important people in my mother’s life. My older sister is named Arietta Marie, after our maternal great-grandmother who passed before we were born, and the Marie part is passed down to each first born daughter on my mother’s side. My younger sister, Rachael Eileen, was named for one of my mother’s favorite teachers; her middle name is my paternal grandmother’s name.

    My name was originally to be Michelle. I have no idea if there was any significance behind it, because immediately after I was born my mother remembered that her childhood nemesis’ given name was Michelle. Apparently, this little girl was quite the monster and neighborhood bully. Her nickname was “Peachy” – and she was anything but. My mother decided that if I was named Michelle, she’d remember all the awful things Peachy did every time she called my name and probably end up hating me. So, my parents picked another ‘M’ name – Melissa Kathleen (my middle name is for one of my mother’s sisters).

    As a kid, I interpreted it like “Oh, well, we’ll just call her Melissa” and it felt like I wasn’t special – typical middle child syndrome! Now I realize that I have a pretty interesting story about how my name was chosen, or rather un-chosen. I’ve always been mistakenly called Michelle by people who don’t know me well, though. Weird!

    Growing up, my sisters called me all sorts of nicknames like Missa-Pissa, Mawissa, Melissy, Mellie-Mel, and Mel (which stuck) but at least I wasn’t a “Peachy”, or heaven forbid!, a “Missy”. ;)

    I’ve also named my imaginary children (who are twins, btw). It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in naming children I don’t plan on having. My daughter will be named Gabriella Helena Claire (Ella for short) and my son will be Gastón Henri Chevalier… They even have the same initials, tee-hee! And I’ve recently decided that if I adopt a dog I will name it Susie-Q if it’s a girl or Winchester if it’s a boy.

    Thanks for your post – it was fun and unique in so many ways. And, congrats on the Freshly Pressed status!

    ~ Mel :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and for reading! Good thing you weren’t called Peachy, that sounds kinda scary anyway.

  76. Really liked your post. I am also a fan of names, although my tastes for fascination run a little more…um… odd. One of my favorites to say is actually “Wilford Brimley”. It has a syncopated rythmn to it that just gives me the giggles.

    My daughters both got “different” names. The eldest is Kirsche’ Leah(sounds like Keersha) which is German for cherry, and the younger is Aubrey Lynn. My son’s name is Michael David, which is a conglomeration of his grandfathers’ names.

    Endlessly fascinating, I often find myself going through the books that tell what names mean in different cultures. My own real name is boring, but the etymology of names is rather cool, I think.

  77. My name is Darla, so either people ask me if it’s short for Darlene (it isn’t) or they ask where’s Alfalfa. Hilarious. As for naming my future kids, I loved the name Julia for my future daughter and when I was 12 years old I used to write it down in my diary. I “knew” I would never have kids. In my late 20s, still being single, the idea of having kids was laughable. Now I’m 40 and I have two, and my youngest is Julia.

  78. The only Cappy I can think of was really a Caspar, which is a very cool name. I love names too. I heard of someone who named his litter of three kittens Shirley, Goodness and Mercy because they followed him all the days of his life.

    My own name Murr is just “Mary” slid sideways. I picked it up in college, where, for various reasons that didn’t speak well of any of us, my friends couldn’t pronounce Mary. A fellow blogger liked it so well–a complete stranger–he wrote a short story and posted it, with a couple guys named Murr and Brewster. I was honored, to say the least.

  79. This post was awesome, because I identified with it so much! My father’s middle name is Farrell, and he was named after the last name of my grandparents best friends. When I was born my parents decided it would be a great name for their daughter. I love being named Farrell, because like Cappy, it is a very unique name with a very unique story behind it. The only problem is that my last name could also be a typical first name for a girl, so people flip my name backwards all the time! I’m sure you know what it’s like to be asked, “Are you sure?” after you tell someone your name. The doctor’s office is always particularly funny- I’ll write my name down and then watch the secretary write it down backwards, “fixing” it for me.

    Anyways, I say you keep writing, and have lots of fictional children with whatever names you want!

  80. Character names are one of the fun parts of writing a story… I usually just let them pop into my head and that’s what their name is. It’s a lot harder when nothing pops into your mind… (When I was younger I loved naming characters exotic names like “Apricot”, “Emerald”, or “Amethyst”. Hopefully I’ve been yanked back to reality)

    People always mess up my name too (think it’s “Karma” when it’s “Harma”). Harma’s from my grandmother’s name, means “heroine” in Dutch (or “treasure” in Elvish, if you prefer), and “Mae” is the month I was born in, except spelled with an “e”. It’s fun explaining that every time I meet people.

  81. I told my brother that my first daughter that I won’t have would be named Madigan (after my favorite actress Amy Madigan).

    He stole it.

    So now I have a beautiful niece named Madigan, Madi for short, and I still don’t want kids.

    But at least I get the credit for her cool name.

  82. Cappy is a great name. My married name was Utt. Whenever I ordered a pizza, the conversations would go:
    This went on and on until I decided to order Chinese instead.

  83. First of all, congrats on Freshly Pressed! Secondly, I loved your post! I’ve always liked my name though I do think that “Ashley” is a bit too common for my taste. I plan to start using the nickname “Lee” when I go to college!

  84. Nice post. I have a boring first name, but interesting middle name, that was my Grandmother’s maiden name – Lingo.

    Unfortunately, I’ve gone by the first name for so long now, it is too late to try to switch to the middle name. I did for a time, but it just didn’t work.

    I have never met anyone named “Lenny” who was boring, but I have met 2 Leonard’s who bored me to tears. Weird.

    I love where I work, though – a lot of diverse heritages of people there, especially the Afrikans with names like Ibezimako, Felicitas, Muthoni, Mwangi, Tagbo, Ogachi….. their names are FUN to say! But for all I know, they could be Smiths, Jones, Davids, Johns, James in their home countries.

  85. I love names. Real names, nicknames given by others, nicknames people assign to themselves… My husband works with a man whose first and middle names are Floyd Aloysius (say: Al-ew-ish-us). He goes by “TJ”. As far as I know those initials he chose to go by were picked at random.
    My husbands last name is Fry….He calls himself “The Frydaddy”….I know, I’m rolling my eyes even as I type it. When he really gets going he will start talking about himself in the 3rd person…like: “The Frydaddy is here”, or “Make way for The Frydaddy”. He also likes to refer to our household as “Frydaddy Enterprises”. Sigh. The best part of it all is that in retaliation for his self proclaimed nickname people have started calling him “Tatter Tot”. Hehehe. He hates it.
    My cats name is Tig…Tiggy, Numbnutts and The damn cat are all commonly used as well.
    My dog is a female Australian cattle dog so we thought what better to call an Aussie girl than Sheila.
    My husbands favorite nickname for me is Cheeto Butt…not going to tell how that one came about.
    Anyways…I love names too :)


    1. Hahah you and your husband sound fun :) I love that he calls it Frydaddy Enterprises! Made me laugh. Thanks for the great story and for reading!!

  86. I love your tone and writing style. And your post made me laugh. I love original names…and I think your name is sooo cool. I used to have manager called Cappella so your name reminded me of her. She was nice so I’m thinking you’ll be nice too :-). I’ll be back! Ciao, K

  87. Hi Cappy,
    I love your unusual name and the fact that it makes most people want to stop and ask you about it. I am from India and the community I belong to has its own rules to naming their children. In fact, I recently did a post on names myself and that is how I landed on your blog.

    It’s a great blog and I can’t believe that you have writer’s block. I love it.

  88. Names are great.

    My first name (Rhiannon) is after a Fleetwood Mac song that happened to come on the radio on the way to hospital when Mum was in labour.

    My middle name (Amber) is after my Mums favourite childhood pet. A huge female Alsatian that loved and protected my Mum but hated anyone else!

    And my surname is about as Scottish as you can get. I was born and bred in England but consider my blood to be scottish. I have the colouring (fair skin, freckles and brown hair with a gentle red tinge!) and heart of a Scotsman but due to my English accent the scots will not accept me. Until they hear my surname and suddenly I’m a bit respected :)

    Cappy is a great name with a lovely story behind it :)

  89. Hi Cappy
    Tremendous post, more power to your elbow, goes to show how very important a name can be.

    I just know you have a heart of pure gold, would you ever forgive an old man, (and a newbie to boot) if I asked you a favour, do you think you could find the time, and patience to read/comment on my blog entitled, what’s in a name! I would be so proud to know that a very talented lady took the time and trouble to do so.

    1. Absolutely, love :) Thanks so much for reading (and for all the compliments haha). However, I don’t know how to find your post as you did not leave your blog’s site! I’ll try to find it, but it might be tricky!

  90. Very interesting post, and great name! Another thing that entertains me about names is the fact that some people are saddled with something that doesn’t match them; my first two names for example, Ashley Rose, sounds like they belong to a ballerina, and you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    Most of my characters are based in a fantasy realm allowing me some creative leeway. I tend to mix and move around letters in order to get something that remotely sounds like a name, but I usually end up straining someone’s tongue in the process (take a crack at pronouncing Feuzeri Korrivus Sulitrian Xasarda).

    In normal life away from recklessly slapping vowels and consonants together, I am pretty terrible at naming things. I have named my fish Rev (as in revving a car engine), my cat Sneakers, and my other cat Specs or Spectacles.

    Thanks for writing, Cappy! Sail the seas with care. ;)

    1. Those are such great pet names! And I’ve always loved names in fantasy novels…they’re so cool. I like names of elves and stuff :) Thanks so much for reading!

  91. Great post. It makes me think about how we are always nicknaming people we don’t really know in our neighborhood but remind us of someone or something and then it sticks in our head for so long that we don’t even know their real name and am afraid that we may call them that nickname if we ever meet them because we have it so ingrained in our head. Some are funny but some could be insulting depending on how you take it.
    I love how your name actually has a story behind it.


  92. Hi Cappy
    First things First, Wishing you all that you would wish yourself, in this brand New Year, and remember, ”makes no difference where you are, you can wish upon a star.”

    If I had to give you a piece of advice, it would simply be this, ”never get old” you see I totally forgot to give you a clue on how to access my post, so without further ado try ”iwantinformation.wordpress.com” (Please God let it be right.)

    take care, yenreak

    1. You may, but I’d appreciate it if you sent me your final copy before you posted it on your site. You can just email it to me (via the email listed here) and I’ll approve it. Thanks.

    1. Ha of course, Ruby. It’s a classic romantic woman name. I think…
      Thanks :) I love you so much!! My lips are sealed.

  93. I thought I was the only one that spent time picking out names for children that I don’t plan on ever having. My husband thinks I’m a nutcase but I don’t care! And in case you’re wondering, the names are Audrey and Clark. I only plan on having one of each :-)

  94. I can totally relate on introducing yourself! My name is Kali (kay-lee) but as of first grade I have been called Callie. And despite my tries to correct everyone under the sun, I remain Callie. So I’ve stopped correcting and have two names to answer to at all times! haha not to mention the spelling of my name is Hawaiian and after visiting recently I came to find out that its pronounced Caw-lee and is the Hawaiian name for Gary. Funny how names work out. But Cappy is a beautiful name and I totally admire your family for naming you after your grandfather, my own gramps is my hero :)

  95. You have a really great voice. Thanks for making me smile. :)

    Names are quite interesting aren’t they? I generally like my name because it is unique, but it is sometimes confused with more common names.

    Random Person: And what’s your name?
    Me: Brennan
    RP: Nice to meet you Brandon! *turns away*
    Me: My name’s Brennan, not Brandon.
    RP: Pardon me, Brandon?
    Me: Never mind..

    Oh, and I have a twin! So, I get called Brennan, Brandon, Brendon, Brenna (A girls name!) and my brothers name. I’ve grown accustomed to answering to all.

  96. I loved this post! Interesting name and an even more interesting origin. I wish there was something exciting about my name. But a quick search on the internet shows that there’s millions of people with the exact same name as me. same. Even the last name, make no mistake.
    Interesting read!

  97. For sure! I had a stuffed dog named…”Cool Kid.” I want to find the woman that would let me name a child that.

    As for me, I went through grade school with a name that was from a 70’s british-invasion singer.

    Nice stuff!

  98. My name is Amber, but my dad wanted to name me Ace. Mom said hell would freeze over first. She also wanted to give me a name that no one could make a nickname out of, but I wasn’t ten minutes old before someone came up with “Am-BEAR”. So all my life I have been an Ace of a Bear.

  99. Nice one! My name is Shalom and I am a girl and the most common questions I get asked is whether I am a Jew or a Muslim, or I always get a ” Mr ” before my name on anything written. :)

  100. very entertaining! the only misunderstanding people ever have about my name is assuming ‘Alice’, when i say ‘Alex’ (Nope, not even a little bit like my name, thanks all the same)… or assuming i’m an alexandER instead of a ‘DRA’ when they skim over my name on a list.
    It’s great that you have a story behind your name – even if you take someone elses name when you marry, you’ll be taking a family name with you.

  101. My name is Jessica, because my mom wanted to give me a name that started with a “j”. It was either, Jackie, Jocelyn, or Jessica. She went with Jessica. Not a very exciting story. But nonetheless, I’ll always be a Jessica. =]

  102. I’d be surprised if you make it all the way down here to my message – but wtg on making FP!
    Also, with a shmancy French name spelled Cheri – it should come as no shocking surprise that my parents are from Miami and Brooklyn – not France, total Americans – my siblings have completely normal (boring) regular spelled names, go figure (it was the 70’s so who knows what they may or may not have been smoking (wink). Also – wasn’t really thinking creatively when I named my blog…very much like calling the cat, Cat.

    You are very entertaining and I look forward to reading more. Ciao!


    1. I appreciate you stopping by! And I read all the comments, so I definitely saw yours!
      I think the name Cheri is absolutely delightful and you’re lucky to have it ;)

  103. Both my first name and one of my middle names (we have a lot of names in my family) come from old men. Great-grandfathers. And I’m a woman. Good thing both of the names are co-ed.

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