All We Are Saying…

Sometimes, I wonder if there will ever be world peace. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be total equality. Sometimes I wonder if everyone will just shut up and love one another instead of pointing fingers and hating and destroying. I’m one of the most optimistic people I know, but sometimes it all just seems so futile. But I’m nothing if not persistant, so listen up:

Your arguments against gay equality suck. THEY SUCK. “In the beginning it was a man and a woman not a man and a man.” That is the most bullshit argument I’ve ever heard. Uh, yeah, maybe it was that way in the beginning, but they also didn’t wear clothes in the beginning, lived in a garden, were completely naive to the problems of the world, and I bet they didn’t even truly love each other. One of their children murdered the other. “In the beginning,” you weren’t allowed to speak to a woman while she was on her period because she was “unclean.” Do you still practice that? Because I’m pretty sure nobody in their right mind does. Do you really think God would refuse to love someone simply because they are homosexual? Do you think Jesus would have turned away from a sick gay man simply because he was gay? Do you really think it’s okay for you to hate people you don’t even know simply because you don’t understand them? Because it’s not. It’s not okay, and your reasoning sucks. It just makes me sick, and I can’t believe your kind of thinking is still around.

On another note, all these uprisings in the middle east have given me hope. The reformers are trying to change their governments peacefully, and I commend them for that. It warms my heart to see people uniting for a cause so important as freedom, and I sincerely hope that they win it. With that in mind, I cannot believe that leaders in Libya are gunning protesters down. Do they honestly believe that they will gain any credibility by killing off the opposition? Why can’t we just work together? Someone needs to give them a John Lennon CD, so they can understand that all we are saying is give peace a chance. Because ultimately, peace makes people happier and happiness prolongs peace. Isn’t that what we all want? Happiness and peace? And the cynics who don’t believe world peace is possible just prolong the hatred in the world.

So really, all we are saying is give peace a chance. Just love people you don’t understand. Try to understand them and their point of view. Knowledge is the ultimate form of power. Just…just try to imagine what you do to people when you say and do hurtful, hateful things. Try to understand that shunning and hating gays and all different types of people you don’t believe are “acceptable” hurts them and ultimately hurts your soul.

What would Jesus do? He’d love everyone, that’s what he’d do.

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  1. M’kay, I don’t like getting into controversy, but I feel like I have to say something.

    Jesus healed the sick, yes. He loved with a love that nailed Him to the cross, yes. But when He healed and saved (like the prostitute He saved from being stoned) He left them with a charge to “Go and sin no more.” Jesus didn’t say, “I love you and your sexual immorality and therefore I redeemed you so you can disobey My Father’s commandments more.” It is my belief that we should love the sinner, hate the sin. It’s not real love to love something that was the cause of my Savior’s brutal death. And I’m not at all saying that homosexuality is the only sin that put Him there, nor do I single it out as the worst sin imaginable. I believe adultery between a man and a woman is just as wrong. I believe the killing of unborn children is just as wrong. I believe whispering in the theater when I’m trying to watch Harry Potter is… okay, different level of wrong. :P

    Regarding the bit about periods and all the strange things that took place “in the beginning,” Christ’s death was what purchased our freedom from the Old Covenant. All those archaic customs were necessary at the time in order to symbolize their faith in looking forward to the promised Savior. In the beginning there was one man and woman who were not ashamed to be naked because There. Was. No. Sin. Therefore, there was no undue lust and they had no need to be covered. Adam and Eve sinned and Paradise was lost. It was after that fall from grace that their sons were born and Cain became the first murderer.

    I’m not a hateful person, and it bothers me when sticking to my principles makes others accuse me of hate. If I really hated others I could easily keep my mouth shut and watch them walk down a proverbial crumbling bridge. But I have more love of my fellow man than to do that.

    1. Ha I definitely respect your opinions. I think you seem like a very tolerant person, and this was more directed at people who are like “God hates gay people and we should stone them” etc etc. It’s frustrating. I think it’s wonderful that you stick to your faith. I, too, am religious, only not very strictly so. I’m still figuring all that out.
      So thanks for your input, because you very eloquently stated and defended your opinions and I can only respect you for them :)

      1. Thank you. I appreciate that. The same people get me frustrated as well, especially because they’re not doing the message any good with their methods. It’s more of an arrogant pushing of their own agenda which makes a lot of people assume that Christians are all ignorant hotheads with superiority complexes. The amazing thing about faith is believing in something bigger than all of us; something you can’t literally see. But the more I learn about God, the more my beliefs make sense. It seems like a paradox, but it just… it makes sense! :) I wish Christians were more educated about the nature of the God they claim to follow and less hasty to condemn others.

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