I’m Famous.

I, Cappy the Magnificent, have been discovered. I know, you’ve been waiting for this for a while. You spotted it from the beginning, from my very first (surprisingly serious) posts. You were sure I’d be famous by now. Well, now your dreams have come true. I guess mine have too.
Anyway, I’ve been contacted by Scholastic books and they’ve asked me to write a book based on my blog. After all, I am a 12 year old blogger, so my story is pretty unique and exciting! …I think I’ll call the book “Born Yesterday” since I practically was.
Guys, I’m gonna be as famous as Rebecca Black! Which reminds me, it just so happens to be Friday!!!
Do you think Justin Beiber will marry me? Do you think I’ll get my own Disney Channel show!? WILL I GET TO MEET THE REAL HANNAH MONTANA?
I am so ready to be famous. My daddy always told me I was special.

Oh, what’s that you say? Authors aren’t usually super famous? Wait, they usually stay behind the scenes and write all day?
Oh. Never mind. I just wanted to meet Snooki.

Don’t believe a word I say. April Fools!

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  1. Cappy, This is exciting news! You must be over the moon. Well, now you’re going to have to bog about the process of writing a book. We’re all going to want to know and I just know you’ll tell this story brilliantly. And yes, I was one who from the first time I started following you’re blog, just knew you’d make it big. Just didn’t know how soon. So, yes, this is so exciting! Let’s all go out and virtually celebrate your achievement. You go, girl!

    1. Agh I falsely got your hopes up!!! It was an april fools joke, apparently too believable. And I’m almost 18 :)

      1. I suppose I should have known. Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, after all.

        But Cappy, this just goes to show, that you are such a smart, witty writer, and as a result, your joke was 100% BELIEVABLE! You watch: One day Scholastic or Random House is going to call and when they do, and when you tell us, we’re not going to believe it! In the mean time, almost famous, is the next best thing. Thanks for taking me in. Oh, and Happy April Fools to you too! :)

        1. Hahaha thank you so much! It really means do much to me when you say those things :) fingers crossed for some day!

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is brilliant. I always read it, though lately, I’ve been just too busy to comment on anything but I have been lurking

    lurking….that sure sounds creepy….sorry!

    Come on, you don’t want to meet Just Beaver (yes, I purposely mispelled his name for comedy’s sake, ha ha)

    Anyway, the boy YOU want to meet is MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler than that…

    His name starts with J as well…doesn’t it? Yes it does ;-)

    1. Ha your vampire boy? ;)
      Also, now i feel like a twit because everyone believed me. But it’s an April fools joke ha!

      1. Oh bugger…ah but you see, I think you are witty and your posts are so good, that it honestly didn’t surprise me. That should at least give you a clue we all think your blog is good. Good joke though, I fell for it.

        Well, yeah, my vampire boy is cool, and a rock boy actually, but I was thinking of that cool rock boy you like, from that cool band *coughs*

        1. JULIAN CASABLANCAS!!!!! ahhhhh
          Hahaha thanks I’m glad it means you all have such faith in me :)

          1. THANK YOU, I know right? Ahhhhhh I listen to him and it’s like…well it’s like phone sex (if I actually knew what that was like, precisely)

  3. Firstly, a very importante comment: my name is pronounced “ashe”, and the finalk e sound like the vowel in “pen” …

    Secondly, I really like your blog!!! I live half the world away, and I still think you’re really funny …

    Last but not least, ARE YOU REALLY 12???????????? Un – f$%&ing – believable!!!!!


    1. Awww thanks! And no!! Hahaha I’m surprised at how many people thought it was real. It was an April fools joke :)

  4. Me again … I read it again and now I’m not sure … are you 12??? or have you been writing for 12 years?????

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