It’s Hard to Go to Class…

Only really, it’s not. There are at least 1000 things that are harder than going to class, and I’ve made a list (and a handy bar graph) to help you understand.

Here in America, it’s hard to go to class, but here are a few examples of what might possibly be harder:

1. Being handicapped. That kinda sucks, wheeling yourself around school every day. Or being blind and having to have someone lead you there. Or being in special education and having your funding cut so that when you graduate you might not even be able to have a normal life, much less a job.

2. Going to class in really scary areas where you can get beat up on the way to school for just going in the first place. Where your mom is a crack addict. Where your dad either left your mom, beats you, or prostitutes you. Where you can’t go to school because once you get there, you don’t actually have textbooks or even pencils to learn with.

3. Going to class when there is no class. Like, say, in a third world country, where their classes are miles away and they don’t have shoes, so they literally bleed out to get an education.

It’s hard to go to school in the privileged parts of America. I know. It couldn’t possibly be as hard as trying to survive, eating dirt cakes day by day so that you can one day save enough to move to privelidged America.

Just so you can understand how hard going to school is for you vs for them, I’ve compared you going to class to other professions. Feel free to click to enlarge.



5 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Go to Class…

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  1. You make a very good point. Anyone complaining should be humbled by your logic and think twice they next time they complain about going to school. Bravo, Caps, for putting some perspective on this.

  2. Does this apply to work as well??

    I’m guessing it does…..

    Also, I’m guessing you’re right. As usual.

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