New Book High

You like that new car smell? Fine, but I’m a little more partial to new book high.

On my lunch break today, after I’d eaten my little sandwich and strawberries, I walked a few blocks to my town’s local book store. I want to LIVE in that store. There’s a smell (possibly comparable to new car smell…) that I’ve never experienced anywhere else, even in other book stores. It’s like love mixed with paper and giddiness. Or something way more eloquent that I can’t think of right now…

Anyway, I walked over to a section of books and was just browsing for a few moments when I saw the 4th book of one of my favorite series.  That series got me through some of the toughest times in my life, which is strange to say since it’s a young adult novel about a girl in her junior/senior years of high school. But in the series, the main character suffers from massive panic attacks all the time, so when I had my first panic attack I was fairly certain that I knew what it was. I’m just glad I’d HEARD of the symptoms of a panic attack so I wouldn’t think it was a heart attack… And when the counselor I was seeing wasn’t really helping, I looked to the books again for guidance. I didn’t find it as much as I’d hoped, but I saw a little of myself in Ruby Oliver (the main character) and really liked what HER counselor was saying.

But back to the story. I found that book and practically peed. I thought the series had ended after the third book, but oh no, there was number 4 staring me right in the face, saying, “Buy me, read me, you know you want to!” And I DID want to. I never, ever buy books brand new if I can get them at the library. But I was not about to wait around for a few months for my library to get a couple copies of this book, so I spent 2 ½ hours’ wages on a 200 page book, and it’s all because of new book high.

New book high: (n) 1. The feeling one gets when one purchases/acquires a new book. Often, the person feeling “new book high” will squeal uncontrollably (thereby causing passersby to stare uncomfortably), jump up and down, or clutch the book to his/her chest like Gollum and his precious. 2. A feeling that literally turns the recipient of new book high into Gollum. Recipients’ hair immediately falls out and they begin mumbling to themselves while walking in a half-crouched position and petting their new book.

I was pretty much the definition of new book high. My adrenaline levels were positively through the roof, I was squealing a little, and I couldn’t stop smiling. All the way back to work, I admired my new book, and I seriously couldn’t wait to finish my shift (only four more hours…now three…okay, I have a ten minute break I can totally read 15 pages!) to get home and read that baby!

New book high: it’s like being a child again, only without the incontinence (okay…maybe a little).

4 thoughts on “New Book High

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  1. Oh, I am all over new book high. Last weekend, I read a new book I loved and literally clapped when I started it. Clapped. Literally.

  2. At my age, unfortunately, hair loss and incontinence have nothing to do with “new book high.” But maybe, just maybe, switching to an iPad for book delivery would remedy those afflictions. I would have to spray the electric book with a little musk oil though – one can’t be expected to go cold turkey.

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