But really, Girl on the Contrary, Chivalry is NOT Dead.

There is a girl I love. She’s the only one for me, really. And no, I’m not lesbian, but I’m also not kidding. A little bit of my soul is inside of her, and a little of hers is probably in me (note the Harry Potter reference, please). Her name is Girl on the Contrary, and we’re friends. Ish.

This is my love letter to her.

Girl, you shine. (Aaron Carter reference for the win. Also, I can call you Girl without sounding ridiculous because technically it’s your first name.) I hope we can meet someday. I say this in “public” on my blog so you will know how serious I am about it. Also, I say this in public in case you turn out to be a 40-year-old creepy rapist and I meet you and then you try to rape me, as rapists are wont to do. People will know I was with you, “Girl on the Contrary.” Don’t try to fool them like you fooled me! You won’t get away with your rape scheme.

I think the point of this post, as the title indicates, was to tell you that chivalry is not dead. Because I know you lost faith in chivalry a few days back, and I want to restore it.

 Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, I saw this woman walking along the street. She seemed kinda normal at first, but as I watched (I was at a stop light like a million cars back – I swear I was being a safe driver!), I noticed she was probably pretty cracked out. She kept tugging at her clothes, and walking as if she really wanted to dance but couldn’t, and her legs were all wiggly. It was really heartbreaking, actually, and I watched her with sadness as she scratched at her neck, pulled at her clothes, and (probably) made weird noises. I don’t know how a person gets to be that hopeless, but there she was, a symbol of hopelessness, practically making me cry as I sat in my little car waiting for the light to turn green.

But all of a sudden, a man came up to her. Now, usually, I wouldn’t really be okay with a man approaching a cracked out woman, because of the usual possible rape consequences etc, but he seemed to know her, and as he walked toward her she seemed to calm down a little.

He seriously sat down with her on the sidewalk and held her. I was shocked, mainly because he was totally scary looking at first, but then I caught a glimpse of his face and he looked so nice and caring, and it completely broke my heart because chivalry, my dear friend, is not dead. That man has proven it.

The woman just sat there in his arms. There was no more clothes-tugging, no more dancy-pants legs. Just quiet stillness. I wish I could’ve just sat and stared, but I had to leave as the light turned green. It was tragic, sure, but also heartwarming. I like when my heart is warmed.

So there’s my letter to you. It isn’t really a love letter anymore, but it’s nice all the same, I think.


P.S. Let’s actually do a blog collab. Sorry I’m dumb and haven’t been on top of my game!

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  1. There is a girl I love, and her name is Cappy. And I’m not a lesbian but I totally think we are each others non-evil horcruxes. And I’m a 26 year old girl not prone to perviness who would personally hunt down and verbally bitch-slap anyone who hurt you. And we aren’t friends-ish, we are friends. And I know that’s weird because we haven’t met but it all goes back to the non-evil horcrux thing. And I would LOVE to meet you for real as well.

    And that story almost made me cry because it was so lovely. This is the best love letter I have ever received (and you had a lot of competition because my boyfriend in high school used to write me notes in class that said things like “you’re the prettiest girl who will talk to me”)

    Love you mostest!


    P.S. This blog collab is happening! I’ve been off my game as well but I still think you and I make a better team than Ben & Jerry.

    1. Well, you know…I didn’t want to come on too strong! What if I’d been like “YEAH WE’RE BEST FRIENDS” and then all of a sudden you wrote a breakup letter to me and were like “Hi. You’re really freaking creepy.”
      Man, I love the age difference. I’m 198 years old, but I swear I don’t look a day over 197.
      Your high school boyfriend sounds like a stud. I bet he cried when you broke up. I bet he cried and his tears turned into diamonds or something. Why, I don’t know. I just feel like sad boys must have a redeeming quality like that. “You’re the prettiest girl who will talk to me.” Romance, right there.
      I’ve got a draft of a blog post in my room somewhere, I just need to whip it out (and then probably burn it because I bet I wrote it in the middle of the night and it’s utter nonsense).

  2. I loved this post (ok, it may have a lot to do with me having some writing to do but procrastinating as all us writers do…). It’s nice to hear about chivalry in an age that seems dominated by fear and suspicion. I believe there is a place for chivalry, even when men and women live in equality. Chivalry is about men respecting women, showing them courtesy that is due from respect, not condescension.
    Thanks for bringing this example to light.

    1. Exactly! I always hate when feminists get upset when a man holds the door. It’s just POLITE. he doesn’t think you CAN’T open it yourself…
      Dare I say you are chivalrous, sir?!

  3. While I personally disagree whether the incident you just described was chivalrous, I gotta say that it was touching and I loved your post. We really need more such people in this world.
    A brilliant ‘love letter’! :)

    1. Agreed. It tugs at the boundaries of chivalry, but might not actually enter…either way, I enjoyed writing about it and loved watching.

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