There’s a thong hanging on a tree outside my dorm room.

The other night we had a welcoming convocation and I’m pretty sure a goat was sacrificed…

One of my professors clears his throat after every other word.

We had a Princess Diaries movie night the other night. It was kinda awesome. And it paralleled my life pretty closely…

I’ve eaten an insane amount of cookies. This place ALWAYS has cookies.

I’m forming calves of steel since my dorm is on a freaking mountain. It’s like San Francisco here.

I saw a white man wearing authentic Japanese garb in the library last night.

I saw (and heard) another man learning some Asian language on the computer with headphones at the library. It went like this: silence, silence, silence, HINGHANGYONG silence silence…YAAAAAAAAAAAANG.
Also, that’s not what I think all Asian languages sound like, but seriously…that’s what he said.

The girl next to me in astronomy this morning spelled it “astronomey.” A guy was combing his hair in that class, and someone near me smelled a little of stale potato chips.

Apparently guys think the best way to get you to hang out with them at night is by yelling their room number out their window as you walk past.

One of the guys in my Shakespeare class has his nose pierced, and it looks surprisingly good.

My roommate has informed me that I talk in my sleep. And I’m slightly profane…

I’ve also learned that I’m completely insane compared to 90% of people on campus.

I will never escape the campus Christian fellowship.

Someone was wearing fangs the other day.

This place is really freaking muggy. I swear to God my hair will never dry.

RA Wyatt is STOKED! And he has a soul patch.

One of my friends has a professor with a last name quite similar to Farafart.

One of the girls I sat next to at dinner last night was wearing mom jeans and laughed really loudly at everything I said. But really, who can blame her? I’m awesome. And so was she.

I learned in linguistics that bumblebees do a dance to tell each other where the nectar is. I told my boyfriend and he said he learned that in elementary school.

The bathrooms here have stuff like “Do lesbian relationships ever really last?” written on the stalls. And one featured Fleetwood Mac lyrics.

I think I’m gonna like it here.

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  1. Ha! Love it. Oddly somehow reminds me of my 1st college days at UMass. I was watching China play in the little league world series and a kid cleared the loaded bases with a double and the announcer’s call went like this: “Yang scores, Chang scores, and Wang scores!!!” That is really what he said and the disbelief in his voice added to the moment.

  2. My Cappy is all grown up! HUGS.

    Also, this post made me really nostalgic for my college days. There were shenanigans. Oh yes, shenanigans there were.


  3. This is a hilarious abundance of amazing information. I am now fixated on bumblebees and wondering what the nose piercing looks like. If you can get a picture of that guy, I will tell you some fascinating facts about chipmunks.

    1. Info tradesies!!!!!! Yesss. I could try. I might totally be violating his privacy by putting a photo on a blog that hundreds of people from other countries read hahaha.

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