Leave My Man Alone

Hi. College is hard. I wish I was majoring in blogging so that posting here was required. But alas…I am not. So before I begin studying for the tests I have this week, I thought I’d give you this lovely list of videos:

You don’t understand. I am actually obsessed with this video. I watch it all the time and quote from it (Thoreau, actually…the Teapot Dome Scandal of 1922…) daily. I know I’ve posted it a million times on my video lists but seriously…it’s too good to pass up.

The Real Women of SNL

Sometimes days are hard. Sometimes people say you suck. But you just gotta think: What would Maya Rudolph do? What would Kristin Wiig do? WHAT WOULD CHERI OTERI DO?!
Answer: pull someone’s weave and call them insane.

So many things to say…but mostly just YES.

I just don’t think these videos are scaring you enough, so…have this one.

From the girl who brought you “Miss Moogoo” comes…Leave My Man Alone!!! Stickam Girl strikes again.
Note the flag in the background.

Nope. They’re not. They’re dead.


8 thoughts on “Leave My Man Alone

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  1. Omg! Amazing! I will now be quoting that video as well! “I will when you stop your pedantry.” Wonderful! :D

    “I di-hin’t puhll your wheave!” I love the things you find for us. :)

    Whoa. I spoke too soon! The Leave My Man Alone video scared the crap out of me!! But I couldn’t stop watching! O.O

    I’m sending that taxidermy ad to a friend who’s into that. :P And German Kaaaarl ftw!!!

    1. Bethie, I love you. mainly because you quoted all my favorite parts of all the videos :)

  2. Oh. Oh my. Stickam Girl? I need to see every video she’s ever made now. The prolonged waving at the end? What is that? (And why I am questioning the WAVING, of all things?)

    P.S. – Getting your degree is great, but sharing twisted YouTube videos is the only way to understand the real world. Scout’s honor.

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