Where, Oh Where?

My hilarity levels have really plummeted in the past month. I can only think of a few possible reasons for this:

1. All my funny has migrated into my right shoulder blade, where it has collected into a knot that has been antagonizing me for the past week. Every once in a while it tries to escape, creating a cramping sensation. I’ll rescue you, funny! I’ll get you out of there…I just need to find a good masseuse first.

2. I’ve been probed. Probably by aliens, but also possibly by my roommate. Or both, technically, if she’s an alien. They took my jokies out of me and brought them via spaceship to planet Zeblon. I bet nobody on planet Zeblon thinks I’m funny either…

3. The rain washed my funny away like pollen from a tree. It just came pouring down and now my funny’s in a puddle somewhere in the middle of the street. Or it could have evaporated and then rained down again and…what if my funny is in someone’s toilet water?

4. Peter Pan stole it because Tink was almost out of Fairy Dust and apparently my ridiculous antics are practically the same thing.

5. I spewed it all out over the past year and a half and now I don’t have any more. Or I just never had it in the first place.

6. My astronomy professor stole it because he doesn’t approve. Okay, that’s an exaggeration…one time he told a joke about how he was typing into Powerpoint and a letter came in upside down…he’s got some great material. The textbook could help him out too – I’ll just give you a little taste of a reading from last week: “This does not answer the question of how the moon got its sideways motion (presumably it was not fired out of a cannon!).” Oh har, har, astronomers! Please, let me stop for air!

Whatever the reason, it feels gone! Where, oh where has my funniness gone?

6 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where?

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  1. Wow. From the sounds of it, your astronomy professor wouldn’t know a sense of humor if it hit in the face (sideways, fired out of a cannon).

    Your missing humor has resulted in a very funny post, so maybe you should let it wander free for a while, and share it with people who obviously need it more.

  2. I bet you put it away in a safe place until after the astronomy prof’s lecture and then forgot where the safe place was.

    Or maybe you stuck it up your sleeve and now need a magician’s hat to get it out.

    Oh, wait! It isn’t gone at all. It’s just being shy and needs a little coaxing.

    PLEASE, Cappy’s funny – come out and entertain us again. We will give you warm fuzzies if you do. ;)

  3. Maybe you’re concentrating too hard on school? Trying to study, cram and all that. Maybe this is sending you a message that you need some down time away from school stress. Just a thought.

    Though, I’m sure you’ll get it back. We all go through phases anyway. So, cheer up and laugh! :)

  4. You’re not that funny. Most of humor is based on hyperbole, pretending you are British, or on self-deprecation.

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