Okay, so I guess I should start out by telling you all that squirrels freak me out. I would never hurt one, but I definitely think they’re disgusting and freaky. And overpopulated everywhere. And probably rabid. And just ew. Back home, they’re actually kind of cute at least, all bushy tailed and light brown.

Here, they’re scary ninjas.

They’re black here! Or at least a really dark mangy brown. And they’re smaller and less fuzzy and I think they’re trying to frighten me to death. Every time I walk to class, a squirrel is in a tree above me practically shaking the dang thing down. Jumping around above my head so that I think someone’s up there about to jump me with a knife or something, when really it’s just a ninja squirrel laughing because I’m stupid.

And they fly. They bloody well fly. And jump and scamper in really strange ways and I know I’m being ridiculous but can’t they walk, not run, down the street? They’re so darty and weird.

I think I’m going to start a ninja-squirrel awareness coalition here to warn people about the dangers of these horrible beasts.

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  1. Squirrels are thought to be cute, compared to rats, but rats can make very good pets (I’ve had a few) and squirrels don’t. What does this mean? Don’t date somebody who is cute.

  2. I had never seen black squirrels until I went to visit a friend in Detroit. Weird looking creatures, she told me they’re crazy too. Over here, in London, we have the Grey squirrel, which is North American, but was brought back to the UK by stupid ignorant Victorians, they (squirrels not the Victorians lol) took over the Red Squirrel’s territory. Our native Red Squirrels are adorable.
    Anyway, I can understand why they’d freak you out. I personally like them, but they are kind of ‘darty’ aren’t they! I had one jump on my shoulder once, and another climb up my leg. Crazy…

    lol, love Joem’s lesson, but I beg to differ…cute is good ;-)

    1. Same happened here with the sparrow. Our native ones got totally taken over by the english one and they’re horrendous here and kill things. it’s weird. i like ours best so HA :)
      red squirrels are simply lovely, i agree :)

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