Mondegreen, Part 2 (You Merry Music Man)

When I was younger, I knew about two words of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” The rest of the words I just murfled or made up as I went along.
Well, now that I’ve gotten used to those words, it’s just about impossible for me to sing the right ones. So here, for your pleasure…one night only…the great hit “Tony Danza.”

Bluejee baby. LA lady, seems just for the band.
Pretty eyes, pirate smile, you merry music man.
By the river, you must’ve seen her dancing in the sand.
Now she’s in me. Always with me. Tiny dancer in my hand.
Jesus breeze out in the street. Handing tickets out for God.
Turning back, she just laughs. Full of art is not that bad.
I know man, he mixes Dan. And they’re all da toreum.
Lookin’ on she sings the songs. Words she knows and June she hums.
But oh how it feels so real lying here with no one near…

When I say softly…slowly…

HOLD ME CLOSER TONY DANZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (I never thought it was really Tony Danza, but it’s definitely more fun to sing that way.)
Count the headlights on the highway
Baby darling she’s so flannin
You hide the bills a day to day.

Etc etc etc, repeated until you want to rip your ears off.

And that’s how we do it.

5 thoughts on “Mondegreen, Part 2 (You Merry Music Man)

Add yours

  1. I can’t tell you how hard I cracked up when I first heard the Tony Danza interpretation. Now that I know it has full lyrics, I’ll have to sing this on long car rides.

    Every time I see that “Rocket Man” commercial (damned if I remember what the product was) I think of this….

  2. You misspelled ‘feisty’ in your sidebar. It would be wise for an aspiring author to use spellcheck, perhaps… And perhaps stop acting so prudish…

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