There Must Be Rehab for This

Some of you (none of you) have noticed that I no longer have a Facebook. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason.

Okay, there were lots of reasons:

1. Who cares about what happens on Facebook? I could care less that you went to a magic show and that it “blew your mind.” Or that it was the worst day ever until your “baby-boo-poobear” sent you a text.  Or that you’ve gotten your Gemini horoscope from Or that you’re still playing Farmville (for goodness sake, stop already!). My real life is pretty removed from reality as it is (I swear I think about frogs and Thai food more than I pay attention to what’s going on around me) without Facebook getting in the way.

2. Why should I spend time in a “social” setting that is filled with antisocial people? Some of my “friends” in high school never actually spoke to me except on Facebook. It was really awkward seeing them in person, but somehow Facebook pulled down the barrier and made us close. I never valued those friendships the way I value personal (like, actually in person) friendships.

3. Facebook leads to me feeling crappy about myself. I already do that enough in real life, so there’s no reason to enhance it online. And I waste time on it anyway. I don’t need to look at people’s profile pictures for two hours instead of reading a book, or actually breathing outside air.

But…now that I’ve stopped using Facebook, I’ve realized I’ve grown very dependent on social media. I practically spew useless information. Here are some things I’ve wanted to tell people, but then didn’t because I knew it would only be considered acceptable conversation on Facebook, especially when phrased this way:

1. Chips and salsa at midnight = bad idea!
2. I watched a movie tonight! It was great.
3. I love George Harrison. Let’s all have a gush-fest about how dreamy he is.
4. The rain here is so annoying. My hair is so tangled! Boo.
5. Twilight? Puh-lease.
6. The dude behind me in the library is being really loud. Quiet! We’re in a library!
7. College rulez!
8. College sux.
9. Seriously though, library man. Shut up.
10. Read my blog! Look! My blog’s so great!

I’ve also noticed that other people freak out when they find out you’ve deleted your profile.

1. “You’ll be baaaaack. They always come baaaaack to Facebook. It’s beautiful and, mmm, it smells like heaven; no one can resist. Reeeeeer!”
2. “Oh. My. God. I heard from Mary who heard from Kathy that you deleted your profile. Why? Why? Why?”
3. “You’re a loser. Pttttbbbbtttt.”
4. “You’re a double-loser.”
5. “How are we gonna be friends without Facebook?! Oh noooo.”

And for the first couple of days, the moment I get on the internet, my fingers would automatically type in “….” and I’d think to myself, “Oh God. Oh God, what have I become?! I. Will. Not. Cave. I. Will. Not. Go. Back. To. FACEBOOK! There must be rehab for this.”

It’s been almost two weeks now, and I’m still clean, man. Still clean after quitting cold turkey. Not many people thought I could do it, but I’ve proven them wrong. I’ve proven them all wrong!


17 thoughts on “There Must Be Rehab for This

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  1. There is life without Facebook. I’ve never had it. Thought about it for about five minutes and then came back to my senses. I think they hold a meeting every Wednesday at the VFW Hall.

    “Hi, I’m Dee and I’m a social media addict.”

    LMAO – This is great.

    1. Right?! “I just can’t help myself…I see a status update and I just have to comment!”
      Thanks for visiting!!! You’re lucky you’ve never tasted the sick nectar of Facebook…you’re not missing anything.

  2. I don’t blame you for leaving it. I’m still there, mostly because it’s the one way I can keep in touch with people who are abroad, and damn, I’m writing a novel so I have to have a page there etc…ack

  3. I had a facebook for communication but I realized that the communication wasn’t genuine on facebook anyway! Then, when I tell people I don’t have a facebook, they react just like you said! Congrats for letting it go! :D

  4. haha Wow! Impressive. I know what you mean. I get so annoyed when I fall behind on family stuff because I’m not on Facebook every day, obsessively reading people’s profiles. How about we CALL Julie if someone’s in the hospital or in jail*, ‘kay?! How ’bout that people?! LOL

    *For illustrative purposes only. I think. I haven’t logged in today.

    1. :)
      I know…I found out about a few classmates’ deaths via facebook, which should never be the case. It’s sad that that’s how we communicate now, especially about death since facebook doesnt really feel personal…

  5. *deafening applause* :)

    It does feel good to get off of facebook, doesn’t it? I’m glad Julie at goguiltypleasures put your blog on her blogroll – gave me a chance to find you! Great blog, by the way, really enjoying reading it!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I love Julie – get lots of comments from her :) Glad she brought you here.
      Feels WONDERFUL to get off Facebook. And thanks for the deafening applause :)

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