Then Michael Kors Asked Me for a Cupcake

My sister and I were wandering around the city the other night when we spotted a woman staggering about in the mall. My sister, nursing student and good Samaritan that she is, went over to ask if the woman needed help, since she seemed completely normal other than the fact that she was having a hard time walking. After yelling at my sister to not touch her, she walked away and toward a store, where she leaned against the window. We stood there and watched, like typical dodos, and after a couple seconds someone came out of the store and started talking to the woman. And that was when I heard eleven words I never thought I’d hear:

“Hi, I’m Michael Kors, I’m the designer here. Are you okay?”

I laughed at first, because hello Mikey, I don’t think she cares who you are or what you do since she’s about to fall over. But then I kinda peed myself because…it was Michael Kors. Ten feet away from me. Talking to a woman who may or may not have had drugs in her system. Outside his store. Close to me. Breathing my air. Talking to a woman I had seen. Etc.

My sister and I walked away once we knew the woman would be okay, but once we were out of earshot I kind of tweaked out. “That was Michael Kors!! OH MY GOD.” Apparently my sister hadn’t heard him say his name, so she didn’t realize it was him, but I was pretty sure I recognized his face from the days when I was obsessed with Project Runway, so I Googled him on my phone (because I’m obviously not fashionable enough to recognize designers by their faces, but definitely fashionable enough to wear chinchila. Or wait, no, I meant clothes).

And then she said these fateful words: “Should we go back? I can tell him I can’t afford his stuff, but I do like his line Michael by Michael Kors.” And then I snorted, like the amazing fashionista I am not. Because hello, anyone who is anyone and knows anything knows that she was mistaking him for Marc Jacobs, as in Marc by Marc Jacobs. I am so much better than you. Listen to me, for I am amazing. (Edit: I later found out that there is a Michael by Michael Kors, further solidifying that I am not a fashionista and am just a giant blockhead.)

Needless to say, we went back. Back to his store, holding a box of cupcakes we’d just bought. Marched right in there, risking the safety of countless leather purses and shoes, because frosting can cause nasty spotting in leather…I think. Past watches more expensive than my kidneys, pretending to browse while all the while internally screeching “MICHAEL KORS!!”
He spotted our cupcakes and said, “Those are for me, right?” So basically, Michael Kors initiated a conversation with me. Or my sister. Or our box of cupcakes. Either way, I’m never washing this hand again…um…

Basically, all this tripe and writing and storytelling and ridiculousness and…anyway, its all led up to this: my sister and I had a ten minute (count ’em, ten) long conversation with Michael Kors in which he ogled our cupcakes (and I do mean cupcakes, you freaks), told us he’d had them before, and I insulted his weight. It was an accident. I swear. I don’t want to talk about it. But it did result in him saying, “Bless your heart” after I apologized profusely.

Also, he’s shorter than I imagined. And nicer.


Sorry about that. I guess the fame is getting to me. But don’t worry…someday…you’ll all be as famous as I am. It’s okay. Don’t feel bad about yourselves.

Moral of the story: help staggering women in the mall and you will automatically meet someone famous. God bless you, staggering woman. I don’t want y’all to think I forgot about her or her troubles, so I should mention that I saw her the next day at that very same mall and she was staggering less. So that’s good, right? Right.

And that is the story of Michael and the Cupcakes. Sweet dreams, children.

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  1. That is an absolutely blog-worthy experience that I am extremely jealous of! I have never met any cool famous people, let alone snacked on cupcakes with cool famous people. :(

    1. Thanks!!! It was pretty awesome. I’m not his number one fan or anything but I definitely loved meeting him especially since he was so friendly :)

    1. Well, next time we talk on the phone I’ll tell Mikey that you like his bags :) Hahahaha. Thanks! It was a fun experience.
      I love his shoes, by the way…if only I were a millionaire.

    1. Sarah, these pictures are amiznag!! You really captured the essence of their individual personalities and their relationship together. I cannot wait to meet you at the wedding and see what you can do about the raucous wedding party! Ashley Lauren You look beautiful as always, and I am so excited to be your best maid. Drew Bear All I have to say is you are a hottie pattati (potatti? Potato, Patato?) Anyways I love you both and I congratulate you once again!!!

      1. I KNOW RIGHT? Weddings are so fun.
        I’m glad my blog post looks like a wedding album…it’s magic!
        And Dave sure is hot ;) meow.

  2. Ha! I love this!! How exciting!!! Go you, your sister, and your cupcakes. Of course, now I really want to know what you said about his weight.

    “Or wait, no, I meant clothes” <— I died! Hilarious.

    1. :) I’m so glad you liked!
      Well…he kept saying that he liked the cupcakes and my sister said”Oh, so you’ve had one before” and I said, “He looks like he’s had more than one!” But I was talking about the expression on his face, not his tummy! Haahha he was nice about it and said “Oh God, you noticed I gained a little weight!” And then I blabbered on for about five minutes apologizing hahaha.

  3. Hey there, noticed you on Kayjai’s blogroll. I thought ‘what can Writer’s Block write?’

    I don’t know who Michael Kors is!! Anyway, I’m from Australia & he probably doesn’t send stuff here ? You must be right up there with fashion, to know him.

    You & your sister are funny with the cupcakes. Sounds like a great day out!

  4. I’m totally telling my sister I know someone who knows Michael Kors when I hand her the MK purse I got her for Christmas (on sale, with discount, and it was something like 5 belated gifts rolled into one)! Oh hell, I should tell her that’s how I got the purse! That would make me even cooler! Kidding. Sort of. Tell me that would make me a bad sister…

    1. You can make my story your own. Steal my friendship (that I dont have) with Michael Kors. Do it :) You have my permission hhaha. Hell, say he gave it to you for free when you met :P
      Also, you’re the best sister ever for getting her that purse. Don’t worry about it.

    1. Thanks!! :) Hope you’re all well also and had a great Christmas. Tell Andrea I say hello — I meant to text her the other day.

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