I’m Here!

So I transferred colleges. The place where I was before was…well…imagine Edward Cullen’s favorite climate, add another bucket of rain, and you’ve got it. I transferred to a college closer to home. Orientation started today, the semester starts on Monday, and I’ve already learned a few things:

1. They’re obsessed with cheese here.

2. We all wear the same shirt apparently.

3. The mascot’s tail kinda drags on the ground. It’s pretty sad. But he’s really happy, so I guess it’s not sad?

4. I have a terrible sense of direction and have no idea where I am on campus. I could be on the moon for all I know.

5. Then I realized that I now live in a tiny town and if I get lost all I have to do is take a left at Bessie the Cow.

6. The hallway on my residence hall floor smells and echoes like a pool. But I don’t care.

7. I’m great at pantomimes and icebreakers. Hooray! I could pass for a third grader!

8. There’s sunlight here.

9. I cannot handle that they haven’t had us register yet. I have therefore come to the conclusion that I am easily stressed, very tense, and am definitely going to have blood pressure problems when I’m older.

10. I have too much stuff.

Happy late new years, by the way. I’m a huge ninnymuggins and have been planning a different post for about a week but apparently don’t have the drive to finish it. Or maybe it’s just because I just spent that week packing everything I care about into boxes.

Anyway, much love from my new school. Hopefully Edward doesn’t follow me here.

5 thoughts on “I’m Here!

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  1. Congrats on the transfer – I know that must be stressful (and you are no cotton-headed ninnymuggins!!), but I’m glad you’ve got sunlight and cheese. Two very important things in my book.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Three cheers for sunshine! Hope you enjoy this new school better than the old. Keep bugging them to register so they too can have blood pressure problems. They will probably LET you register so as to avoid future medical problems.

    Happy New Year! :P

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