It Hath Snowed!

It’s snowing. Which was awesome two months ago, but then the sun came out and I was so over the snow. Then I got totally pranked.

Before I transferred here, I was at a college where the closest you ever got to snow was nasty sleet. I missed this fluffy white stuff practically as much as I missed my mommy (which was a lot). Oh, how romantic the snow is; it makes everything a little quieter, and who doesn’t want to kiss some tall, dark, and handsome in the snow? Well, not me! Kissing tall dark and handsomes in the snow is probably impossible here since the snow would just fly in your eye or a tree would dump hunks of snow down your back. And when you’re rushing to class, trying not to fall on your butt, snow gets pretty inconvenient.

It will not stop. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it – I grew up with feet of snow falling every winter – but it’s mid-March. And by mid-March there should be dry streets.

The campus is now crawling with snow coats. That’s what we’ve become: just snow coats rushing around. You can’t see faces, just little piles of the thickest clothes possible wandering about from class to class. Except, I suppose, nobody’s wandering. We’re sprinting (if you can even call it that, since we’re more waddling like gimpy, constipated, ducks).

And then there are the girls who have their cute little snow boots with the fur on the top and look like sexy little snow bunnies hopping around in the snow. It’s a little difficult to compete with that when all I care about is not getting punched in the eye by a snowflake. I’m always rushing around campus, looking all haggard, breathing heavily and grimacing. I’ll bet Julie Newmar never looked haggard in the snow. But I am, obviously, no Cat Woman.

By tomorrow it’ll probably be melting, which would be nice, except…it won’t be. It’ll get all squishy and slushy and horrible. The trees will start snowball (slush blob?) fights with pedestrians. Anyone who has ever gotten a glob of snow down the back of their coat knows how shocking and unpleasant the experience is: the snow hits and suddenly you’re wriggling around like a worm on ecstacy at a dance party.

Basically, snow is not a good look for me.

15 thoughts on “It Hath Snowed!

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  1. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side because I WISH I could have some snow, but I live in Texas…no snow, not even in January. I do see how it could get annoying though :/ sorry you don’t enjoy it! Send it here!! :D

    1. Usually I love it! But campus is so hilly and snow is so slippery!
      Come visit Washington! There’s snow like 6 months out of the year sometimes.

  2. Snow is my kryptonite. True story. As lovely as it can be, it still sucks the life force from me. Come to Texas! It’s sunny here! And also a little tornado-y.

  3. Oh Cappy, I bet you are cute as a frosty button in the snow! I love your description of how everyone’s become little bundles of snow coats. Sounds so picturesque! Happy Snow Days to you, my dear! :)

    1. It’s actually pretty lovely…it’s just getting to be tooooooo muuuuuuuuch this time! Thank you :)

    1. It teased me soooo much! It wa 70 degrees a couple weeks ago (before spring break) and then it rained and then it snowed hahah.

  4. Ha! I hear your woe and sympathize. Up my way in the Great White North we’ve been having freakishly lovely weather- 60’s and 70’s for the last week or so. All our snow has melted and while I do love snow, early spring feels amazingly wonderful. Last weekend I even shaved all the way up (too much information shared?) and broke out short pants and sandals. But (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?) we have been known to get 2+ feet of snow over night in April and could conceivably still have a snow day. So, I’m trying to enjoy the respite yet not get my hopes up. As for the sexy little snow bunnies, none of them seem to go to my campus. Or perhaps once you’re old enough to be a snow bunny’s momma you tend not to notice anything except how stupidly they’re dressed. Hang in there, spring is really just around the corner.

    1. Thanks :) You hang in there too, and pray to the sun gods for spring to stay! I know I will.

  5. Yes, it’s time for that bid-ness to end! We hardly got any snow in Jersey this winter; it’s hit or miss here. I love snow in moderation, but I was grateful this year because we seem to lose power ever time it snows or there’s a bad rain storm! (We don’t even have running water when we lose power.)

    Sending you sunny sky thoughts – although I bet you’re giving those snow bunnies a run for their money!

    1. We get feet and feet up here! And the power goes out too haha.
      Thanks! I just push them down into the snow hahaha. Kidding!!!!

  6. We get snow in London, though not very often. This past winter, it snowed twice, and the second time, was only a light coating, but I know how you feel, for the winter before that, we had more snow, too much snow for London, and everything stops. No buses. No trains and it’s hell to walk around for the pavements become icy and I end up looking like an Artic explorer in my winter gear, which is not really a good look…meh

    Here’s wishing all the snow melts for you NOW

    1. Yay thanks! It actually has mostly melted and is sunny! I must’ve prayed to the sun gods well :)
      I know what you mean. We got like…6 feet a couple years ago and school was closed for a whole week and nobody could go anywhere. It was awesome and totally crappy at the same time.

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