Every time I feel down, a bunny hops out of a bush. And I’m not exaggerating that much.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little.

A few weeks ago, I was having a really rough day and was walking home kind of late, when a bunny hopped out from a bush. I got really close to it (trying to take pictures with a cell phone requires you to be really close) when an airplane flew overhead and that rabbit jumped about three feet in the air, its limbs splayed every which way. I can’t lie, it was probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen…Anyway, it eventually came out of it’s hiding place  and sniffed around for a bit before running off again, at which point I headed home.

Well, today was pretty rough too. I’d been running in about nine directions for the past 14 hours (mainly covering an event for the newspaper while at the same time trying to write a geology paper and then go to lab) and was finally walking home at night when I came by the same spot I’d seen the bunny before.

“I remember that time I felt really bad and then I saw a bunny and felt better,” I thought to myself.

AND THEN A BUNNY HOPPED OUT OF THE BUSHES. I must’ve looked like a grinning idiot. Then another came out and I practically split my face in half…and then another hopped after the second one.

And then there were four. Four little bunnies scampering around like…scampering things. It was like Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter were out to play right before my eyes while I basically  had a heart attack at age 18. I watched them for a few minutes before they bopped down a hill and out of sight and I set home and called my boyfriend.

I was kind of incoherent, honestly. “FOUR BUNNIES! FOUR BUNNIES FOUR. FOUR BUNNIES.” I probably sounded like that fish from Finding Nemo who’s obsessed with bubbles and yells, “BUBBLESSSS! My bubbles.” That was me. Bunnies! Bunnies!

But honestly, what could possibly make you happier than four little bunnies? Just Google “bunny pile” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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  1. An Easter miracle! I am an obedient blog-reader so I googled “bunny pile” and I got zombie craft bunnies. But then I watched a Youtube video featuring a pile of bunnies for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and my day immediately got better.

    1. It IS an Easter miracle! I didn’t even think of that :P I must see that video!!!!!
      Thanks for being an obedient reader :) Heehee

  2. BUNNIES!!!!!!
    *runs around, hyperventilates*

    Okay…I need to calm down…but you know, I LOVE BUNNIES!!! Yes, I would have been exactly in the same state as you, or possibly worse. (I mean look at my reaction just at the word BUNNIES!!)

    I will share with you, my own bunny story:
    Many moons ago, I used to walk through Hyde Park to get to work, and would always go by Kensington Palace, and daily, I’d count the bunnies on the fields there.
    One time, I counted not, 2 or 10 or 20 but….wait for it…

    FORTY bunnies!!!!!

    Yes, 40 bunnies, 40 soft cuddly, did I mention soft?…I’m sorry, I have to go now, I think I am hyperventilating again….

    1. I want 40 bunnies in my yard hopping around with glee. I WANT THAT. :) So jealous!
      Don’t worry, hyperventilating because of bunnies is totally acceptable.

  3. When I was growing up we lived out in the country for a while. Each Spring there’d be a period of Bunny Festival. Baby bunnies everywhere. This was followed shortly by the festival of the cat running up to the door very excitedly showing us what he’d caught…

    (And, to avoid bumming you out, it’s worth noting that he always captured them alive. He’d set them down to meow at us and ZING, off they’d go)

    1. I live in the country (when I’m not at college where there are BUNNIES!) but we don’t have bunnies :( But we do have tons of chipmunks! And they’re sooo cute and I’ve named all of them. Thank God my cat is an indoor cat…
      I would love to see a Bunny Festival :( Jealous!

  4. Oh you don’t have to explain it to me, Cappy! That is so magical. Just in case there aren’t any bunnies next time you’re feeling down, you might want to get a fake ID. ;)

    1. Hahahahaha I don’t know about that, sister! You’re being a bad influence!
      I was just telling Byronic Man down there that I have lots of chipmunks at my house…thought you’d appreciate. I named one Friar Tuck.

  5. Where I live, I see bunnies all the time, mostly at dusk and at night, while Henry and I are out walking. Especially in the park. They’re absolutely adorable! Sometime, you should share some of the stories you’re writing for your school paper. Would be fun to see another side of you. ;)

    1. I will! Soon! I think I’ve had a hard time deciding what to put up since I try not to indicate where I’m from but I can alter the articles as need be…
      Anyway, thanks for your interest in my articles :) And I’m jealous of your bunny sightings!

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