Giggling in the Morning

It’s 1 a.m on Monday. I just ate caramel banana pecan pancakes (rocked my world) with a bunch of friends at Denny’s. I then walked home with no shoes on while watching (but really listening) to this video on my phone…chuckling to yourself and holding your shoes in one hand in the wee hours of the morning doesn’t often make you look sober.

But I am. I just love this place.

Enjoy :)


6 thoughts on “Giggling in the Morning

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  1. Ah, stand-up comedy and caramel banana pecan pancakes at 1am. You make a guilty pleasure blogger proud, Cappy. Except I would have also been drunk. ;) So glad you’re loving school!!

    1. Right? Welcome to my awesome life :) I feel like stand up comedy has become the only thing I watch anymore :P And yayyy for Jules being drunk eating pancakes!!

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