Rock On. And Stuff… (Part 1)

I think that I, as well as 99% of humanity, tend to focus on what I don’t have. And recently, someone told me that we have to start thinking about all the things we’ve seen, places we’ve been, etc instead of being upset by what we haven’t. I have, therefore, decided to compile a list of all the concerts I have attended in my (relatively short) lifetime.

1. Fleetwood Mac.
It was the summer before sixth grade, and I’d never been to a concert before, but I loved Fleetwood Mac (my poor mother had to listen to ‘My Little Demon’ so many times in the car when I was little), so my parents took my sister and me to see them. I must admit…I think I’m awesome because they were my first concert. (Although I shouldn’t get too high on my horse, since my mom’s first concert was The Rolling Stones.)
I just remember Stevie Nicks was so pretty, waving her tambourine around like a…I don’t know, the only phrase that comes to mind is ‘like a twirling flower,’ which I suppose is pretty apt. So Stevie Nicks looked like a twirling flower, and there were guitars…and drums…really, I mostly remember Lindsey Buckingham, because that man could freaking play the guitar. Like…holy God. So much amazing guitar.

2. Tom Petty
You know when you can tell someone is performing simply because they love it? When you can tell that they don’t do it for the fame, or the money (or at least those aren’t the only reasons). Tom Petty is that guy. I don’t remember much of that concert either, probably because the arena became a hotbox of sorts for every crappy joint in Washington State, the smoke reeking like a skunk… I’d just like to point out that when Tom Petty sings, “Let’s roll another joint” he isn’t actually asking you to do it.
Regardless, he is another incredible guitar player and is so much fun to watch. He really looked like a real rock star to me, with his tight black jeans and black leather boots and jacket.

3. Neil Young.
I know. Right? I never really thought that I’d see three great bands/performers like these by the time I was 14. But hey, I’m just that cool.
Neil Young has been playing in my house since before I can remember. I used to sing Sugar Mountain in the car with my dad all the time, and thinking about those times really makes me smile. So I went with my parents to see my man Neil.
I hate to say it. I absolutely hate to say it. But I was so disappointed in the concert. He did an acoustic set and then an electric set, both of which really were amazing, but I felt more like I was sitting in my room listening to him than actually seeing him live. I think a lot of it had to do with the venue, which was not really conducive to standing up and dancing around like a fool, as I am known to do at most concerts. I just couldn’t get into it. He also played the majority of his songs off his newest album, which I hadn’t heard yet (it had come out about a month earlier, and I’m not super on top of the latest Neil Young albums…). But it was a great experience, and he really is one of the greatest artists I’ve ever been in the same room with, so I guess I can’t complain.

4. The Hush Sound/Steel Train/The Cab/The Morning Light
First concert I went to with friends. First concert that didn’t involve some sort of classic rock, and first concert I went to where I had never actually heard of the bands until two days before…but it was brilliant. I think I count that as one of the best nights of my life. I met the drummer of the headlining band, The Hush Sound (his name was Darren. He was cute. I liked him). I got a shirt signed by two members of The Morning Light (who I loved at the time and then, upon listening to their studio EP decided that they had some seriously whiny voices), got a picture with the lead singer of Steel Train (some weird girls I didn’t know jumped in the picture, which bothered me, but hey! I got a great story out of it), and got chatted up by Steel Train’s guitarist(?) who smelled amazing and asked what there was to do in town on a Thursday night. Answer: nothing.
Anyway, I really love The Hush Sound now. That night, they did a cover of ‘Back in the USSR,’ which I figure is about as close to a Beatles concert as I’ll ever get, and I will totally take it. And the female lead singer is gorgeous, and plays piano wonderfully, and sings wonderfully, and I just…ahhh :) Look:

My goodness! I think this was the longest blog post I’ve ever written! Thanks for sticking with it, and I will continue with my list ASAP! xxooxo

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  1. I would loooooove to see Tom Petty play, for exactly the reason you describe. His “Live” album collection is so cool, because it’s a compendium of different concerts, and instead of just being a greatest hits album with cheering, it’s mostly covers and alternate versions in an attempt to replicate how he likes his concerts to feel.

    1. Ooooh! That sounds really cool, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one! I think he’s so amazing. It was such fun — I saw him again in Wisconsin two years ago (ZZ Top opened for him, no big deal) and will write about that in my next installment!!! :)
      PS You MUST see him.

  2. Cappy! I love that this post was inspired by focusing on what you have, which, apparently, is really good taste in music. (And I’m still grinning over last night’s FB pic!)

    I’ve never seen any of these guys live, but I’m with you that when you go you want to see them perform like they love it, and not feel like you’re just listening to the album.

    I’ve been to a poopload of concerts, in part because Peppermeister was in a band for a long time. The best, though? Well, true to my guilty pleasure name, I think my fav is still ‘NSync at Madison Square Garden in 2000. I was 18 and dreaded going (long story; I had to go with a family friend), but came out a fan. I’d never seen anything like it. They came down on those puppet strings and then the screaming? You can’t not react to that kind of energy! The production was out of this world, and their voices were great, too.

    On a smaller scale, Bedouin Soundclash in 2009 at a small place in NYC was so memorable. Everyone was crammed in and dancing and singing along and they were amazing!

    Maybe it does come down to the energy for me! Yeesh. I think this comment is as long as your post!

    1. Um. I have to tell my sorority sisters…sometimes they get a little tipsy and watch that concert on DVD. So they will be so jealous. :)
      Also I really love you.

      1. No no, I love YOU! That is great about your “sorority sisters” (c’mon, we know it’s you…), because the concert DVD is almost as good as the real deal, with or without the aid of booze. And I just saw I missed a post about Trader Joe’s! OMG. That’s fab. I have a trip planned there for tomorrow on my lunch break to stock up on cheap champagne. I’m soooo behind on blogs, but will definitely be back after this crazy work day is over :)

        1. Hahaha no really, it’s not me! I have, unfortunately, never seen that concert. But I did tell them and Maggie sad, “AAAHHH!!!!! eyewitness to their perfection on that stage!! i saw the celebrity concert, but it’s not immortalized on dvd unfortunately”
          That’s a direct quote from Facebook hha.
          Also Trader Joes is FREAKING AMAZING.
          Well it’s okay, I haven’t been reading anyone else’s so I’m basically a jerk. So you’re allowed to be behind lol

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