Giving birth…or getting a tattoo. Both, probably.

I haven’t written in so long…I’m sorry! …No, that’s not an apology to you, it’s one to myself. How dare I let myself stop writing after I got a tattoo that says “write.” How. Dare. I.

You heard right, kids! Caps got tatted… The inside of my left wrist now says “write” in typewriter font. I got the tattoo almost 2 months ago, and have been meaning to blog about it ever since, but I’m kind of ridiculous and forgot/didn’t have time…

I think I ought to start out by saying that I am terrified of needles. Like, so scared that for a long time, whenever they drew my blood, they had to use a baby needle to make me feel better. Mind you, baby needles are barely smaller than adult needles, but somehow it made me feel that tiny bit better. Tiny bit.

So, obviously, in the span of one year, I’ve gotten my nose pierced and gotten a tattoo. Because I’m a masochist like that. “Hello, I would like a tattoo. Yes, stab me with a needle 50-3,000 times per minute. Yay!”

I’m pretty sure I almost threw up while Philadelphia Phil (yes, that is what he called himself. My tattoo artist is so much cooler than yours) worked on the tattoo. It felt like a million cat scratches over and over, and I’m a big wimp, and OH MY GOD NEEDLE. So that’s how that went down. My friend Kate was there with me and I’m surprised I didn’t squeeze her hand off. But I’m so glad I went through it all, because it meant a lot to me.

Writing is awesome and hey, why not, I’ve always wanted a tattoo. I purposefully got it on my left wrist so I could hide it with a watch if I have a grumpy boss who doesn’t like tattoos. Thinkin’ one step ahead, like a carpenter who makes stairs.

But actually, there’s quite the story behind my tattoo. I’ve explained my anxiety in a previous post, but basically, I have panic attacks and am almost constantly anxious, which is why if you’ve met me you’ll notice that I’m super fidgety. Anyway, I had a lot of problems with that about a year ago and was pretty useless; I couldn’t leave my room, barely got anything done, and definitely didn’t write. But writing had always been how I combated my anxiety before, and after reaching the lowest point of my life, my mom suggested that I start keeping a journal specifically related to my anxiety. It sounds strange, but it really helped. So now, I’m permanently reminded to let go of my anxiety by writing (I’m doing it right now, actually. I’ve been a tweaky mess all day).

It’s hard to explain it to people, so I usually just say, “I love to write,” which sounds kinda lame. I guess that’s true, too. But for real? The for real answer? I was screwed up, and writing saved me, as it always had and always will.

One more reason that I love all of you, dearest readers. You’ve rarely known it, but you’re like my therapy group. And I love you so much.


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  1. haha as i read this i feel like you were taking the words out of my mouth seriously, i just started writing [a blog in january] but i actually probably started writing in a journal 2 years ago and it has helped tremendously, thats why i blog i figured i might as well take the next step in life and help others going through similar situations. but this was def a great read seriously! i dont comment much on peoples blogs, i actually strangely got really excited reading this, probably because you sounds just like me lol ohh and to answer your question, try getting your septum pierced i think i rather give birth 50 more times before i ever do that again hahah

    1. Ha yeah that would hurt sooo bad! I’m glad you liked the post! It’s been pretty therapeutic, even though it took me a while to actually talk about my anxiety. I’m really glad you’ve found an outlet too :)

  2. Now that is a cool reason to get a tattoo if I ever heard of one. And, what you got is cool, too. I had a period in my life where I thought of getting a tattoo, but I could never decide what I’d want to look at for the next 60-70 years. Also, where to put such a thing that wasn’t going to be socially unacceptable but yet wouldn’t sag. I always thought of the joke about the girl who got a tattoo of Tweety Bird on her breast and at the age 70 she got a new doctor. During an exam he admired her tattoo of Big Bird.

    1. Hahaha that’s priceless! I’d never heard that once. I’m glad my wrist won’t sag (hopefully!! Ha). But yes, that’s super important because really…it’s gonna be there forever and you’re not always gonna be fit and 19.

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