One Organic Hazelnut

While we’re on the topic of the election, I thought I should share with you a poem that I heard last year.
At my previous university, I went to open mic night every week to listen to music and poetry. Of course, I loved some of the musicians and hated others (everyone seemed to think that if you play a ukulele while you sing, you’re automatically amazing). But the one gem I found was too great not to share with the whole of the internet. A middle aged man came in, sat down, was quiet for probably an entire minute, then recited:

The 2012 Election:
I need a president who is anti-war and pro-life
So I’m voting for…none of the above.
Oh! One organic hazelnut.

I’d like to point out that when he talked about the hazelnut, he pulled one out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth…

So that happened.

Cheers everyone, and make sure you vote for one of the above :)

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