The Internet is My Diary and Also I Voted

I realize you can barely see it, but I did vote for Obama…

1. I got stung by a wasp in my room yesterday afternoon. In October. In Washington. Aren’t wasps supposed to be like, dead or hibernating or something? Snuggling with their queen bee/waspy thing? Gettin’ roasty toasty in their hive?
It flew at my face while I sat on my bed eating a bagel, so I got up and moved away from it, thinking it would find somewhere else to chill. But no. It flew at my face, and I swatted at it…and when I say that I mean I smashed it into the inside of my forearm where it then stabbed me with its butt.
And it still hurts! Obviously not as bad as it did yesterday…I went to class and couldn’t really speak Spanish because wahhh my arm hurt (have I mentioned that I’m a wimp?) According to WebMD this residual pain is totally normal, and since the redness has mostly faded and hasn’t grown in size, it looks like I will not be dying of this particular wound.
But be warned: wasps are everywhere. Nowhere is safe.

2. I voted, y’all! Okay, I still have some tax measures to look up in the little booklet, but I voted! To approve same-sex marriage in my state! And for Obama/Biden! I feel like a real American now. I’ve been talking about this with my friends (well, more like AT them since I probably seem insane and I think they want to distance themselves from nutcases) and it’s probably the highlight of my week (granted…it is only Tuesday).
I’m just proud of myself for actually knowing about the issues this time around, when it really counts (cuz I can vote…) instead of just voting the way my parents will. I’m sure our ballots will have a lot of similarities, but I’ve looked up all of the Referendums and such and watched all the debates, and actually understand most of this political nonsense and know what I believe, and I’m voting that way. So yay me! I don’t say it enough, but yay me for knowing stuff!

3. I love you guys. Thanks so much for following my nonsensical rantings for so long. I really do appreciate that you read what I write. That you pick up what I put down. That you catch what I toss…

Namaste. Because I’ve been yoga-ing a lot and reading about Hinduism. So the light within me greets the light within you. Now we all bow our heads and are glad. Or something.


3 thoughts on “The Internet is My Diary and Also I Voted

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    1. That sounds horrendous!
      I should probably write a post about my instructor…he says the weirdest stuff during class, like while we stood in mountain pose on our tiptoes, he said, “You know, this is how dogs stand.” I laughed so hard I wanted to die.

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