Revenge of the Wasp (Get It?)

So remember last week when I got stung by a wasp in the middle of cold, cold fall? Well, there have been tons of wasps where I live, and I keep killing them in the hallway, and it’s kind of turning the place I live into a house of horrors because I’m so terrified of being stung again.

I think some of the wasps are on steroids, too, because they’re absolutely gigantic. One flew into my room recently and I swear it was a foot long. Okay, that’s a lie and now the mental image of a foot long wasp is completely terrifying me. So much terror!

Well, at the time of that most recent incident, I was listening to a Halloween mix on Pandora, and the Star Wars theme song came on (I know, who puts that on a Halloween mix?) and I started feeling really confident about my abilities to kill the wasp. I whipped out my can of wasp spray, which I have for times such as those, and sprayed the living daylights out of the wasp. So. Much. Wasp. Spray.

It is dead. The wasps shall terrorize me no more. Or, at least, that particular wasp won’t. The adrenaline rush was fantastic, by the way.

Also, Happy Halloween. I was a cow one night and a frat boy the next, so be jealous.

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