Age is Wisdom

I’ve been watching documentaries for study breaks this week, and after watching “Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain,” a documentary about people who get plastic surgery/body modifications/Botox, I’ve lost a whole lot of faith in humanity.

I don’t understand the motivation behind injecting diseases into my face in order to look “younger.” Most of the time, those people don’t look younger, they just look like they’ve had work done. I also don’t understand how people consider that aging gracefully. You’re not aging gracefully, you’re cheating the system; while modern medical science is amazing, and plastic surgery is great for people who develop deformities or have accidents, I don’t see the point in denying yourself and others the ability to see that you have lived your life.

Here’s the deal: Back in the day, we used to celebrate people as they aged. Smile lines showed that you’d led a happy life. Frown lines? You worked hard. Crows feet? More smiling, probably. Wrinkles meant wisdom; they meant that you’d been through life and seen it all.

I’ve always thought of that as a beautiful thing. I thought it showed that you’d lived. I guess I didn’t realize how many people thought differently, that so many people are fighting their age. Hell, wear makeup! It’s fun and beautiful and a gift from the gods, but permanent or long-term “solutions” to the aging process? Really?

Who knows what I’ll think when I’m that age, when my hair is grey and I’ve got wrinkles, and things are bigger and saggier than they used to be. I really hope that I don’t care, and that the people in my life treat my age with the respect it deserves. I want to love my life, and not be consumed by things and appearances. 

We’re constantly trying to be something we’re not, no matter what age we are. If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I wanted to be in college, I would’ve screamed and jumped up and down and spelled YES on the ground in Skittles or something. Now? Finals Week is beating me over the head with a text book and I don’t even know if I can spell anymore.

So if you’re haggard, at least your face reflects your mental state. Let’s just embrace our natural selves and change our perception of beauty instead of changing ourselves

Cheers. And get that needle away from me. No, seriously. Now.

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