It Went A Little Like This…

One of my dearest readers, Hans, asked me to write a post about my first kiss, and Ben was rather anxious to get another post out of me as soon as possible, so I thought I’d throw modesty to the wind and tell you all one more time how awesome I can be. 

I was a bit of a late bloomer in the kissing department, shocking as that may be (I know you all think I’m a floozy, don’t lie), so my first kiss happened the summer after I graduated from high school. I’d gone over to my best guy friend’s house in the evening, and we were sitting on his couch and chatting. I hate to admit it, but I really liked someone else at the time and we were talking about how that person was a jerk to me, and I started crying.

Y’all, I started crying all over his shirt. Mascara and snot were involved, cuz I’m the sexiest person ever, and I’m really good at being around boys. And then he kissed me, and I laughed really hard afterward…somehow I always knew I’d do that, who really knows why. Probably because I’m a nervous laugher, with just a touch of the clinically insane about me. I felt bad because he looked a little terrified, but I told him it wasn’t anything he’d done and that was the end of that!

Well, and then we dated for over a year, so I guess that wasn’t really the end of anything. But that’s another story, and one that nobody needs to hear.

Welcome to my love life, y’all! It’s a bit bland, but it’s what I’ve got!

3 thoughts on “It Went A Little Like This…

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  1. Yeah, Cappy is back! I was such a late bloomer that I am still trying to bloom. Thanks for sharing. Don’t go away for too long again. Thanks for gracing us with your presence!

  2. So, black mascara tears running down, snot dripping from your nose and a sort of mad-scientist-world-domination laugh… and all this going on only a few inches away from his face, just after he overcame his fear of rejection and kissed you.. More than one guy would look at you terrified.. Thank you for showing once more how awesome you are! And thank you for answering the question; I knew it wasn’t going to be: “we met, we kissed”. You’re the greatest! xo

    1. Honestly, I commend him for sticking around long enough to realize I don’t ALWAYS laugh after kisses and definitely don’t tend to cry before them. He was a brave soul, but then so is anyone who attempts to be near me!

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